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5 Interior design blogs to bookmark

If you’re building a new home, refreshing your current one, or just in the mood to look at all things pretty, bookmark a few interior design blogs. We’ve narrowed down five from around the globe that have gotten our click of approval.

Get inspired!
Modern living room

When it comes to interior design, there is no shortage of places to get creative inspiration. While design magazines are still hugely popular and fabulous to flick through on a lazy afternoon, blogs are dominating design talk in cyberspace.

Run by professionals and amateurs across the globe, a visit to any interior design blog is sure to put you in the mood for a DIY project or trip to Ikea. Here we round up five of our personal favourites that never fail to spark an idea or give us a creative boost -– check them out and let us know what you think!

Absolutely Beautiful Things

The brains behind this blog is Brisbane-based interior designer Anna Spiro. She writes it like a personal journal, recording her inspirations, thoughts, work projects and anything else that springs to her creative mind. Spiro is far from a minimalist, and instead she has made a name for herself as a designer who injects colour and light into every room. Her blog is a thing of beauty, with explosions of colour, mismatched prints and interesting patterns brightening up every post. She also has a knack for mixing high-end pieces with recycled goods, which sounds odd but surprisingly leads to something really unique. If you’re ever passing through Brisbane, check out Spiro’s store, Black & Spiro, which is filled to the brim with eclectic pieces bought on design trips around the world.

The Interiors Addict

British-born and Sydney-based magazine editor Jen Bishop is obsessed with hunting for the next interior design gem, and after a few scrolls through this blog, chances are you will be too. Her blog is aimed at industry professionals and ordinary people with all sorts of budgets to spend, but it’s clear that every reader has one thing in common: they are addicted to Bishop’s sense of style. While it’s hard to pin down her style — she’s a fan of modern, vintage, and romantic looks — her rooms are always immaculately pulled together. Bishop doesn’t just post beautiful photos and magazine spreads, but she recommends homewares and furniture pieces, interviews people in the industry and provides handy tips. Her honesty and guidance makes this blog both practical and creative, and worth taking some time to trawl through.

Chez Larsson

Run by a design fanatic, marketing expert and mother by the name of Benita, Chez Larsson presents the latest and greatest in Swedish design. The super stylish Benita posts about her inspirations as well as any interesting gadgets and great pieces she comes across. She also shares handy tips and gives her readers an insight into her own renovation and DIY projects. Her fearless and spontaneous approach to interior design (and her blog) is summed up in her tagline: “I’ll try anything DIY once.” This is one blogger who likes to get her hands dirty and share her experiences with the world, and what’s not to love about that? Her blog is a real mixed bag of content — you never know what you’ll see on the home page, but you can rest assured that every post oozes cool in that uniquely Stockholm way. If there’s one things the Swedes do well, it’s design.


Interior design is a hobby-turned-passion for UK-based web designer Ashley White. One look at her blog, Decorology, and it’s obvious that her creativity and eye for detail and beauty from her line of work has translated to her love for interior design. Her blog is a collection of inspirational photos and ideas that align with a very clean, contemporary aesthetic. White leans towards minimalism with a twist, and her blog is full of designs that have a contemporary and timeless appeal. She’s also very into social responsibility and, as such, she’s drawn in a bunch of readers who are looking for sustainable, environmentally-friendly designs. If you’re in the mood for some lasting, eco-chic design inspiration, look no further!

Patricia Gray Inc

Patricia Gray is the owner of an internationally-acclaimed interior design firm in Vancouver and her blog reflects her well-known style to a tee. The blog hones in on design, art and architecture trends and explains how to incorporate those trends — even in a small way — in your own home or workplace. Gray is a stickler for detail, good craftsmanship and luxurious living, and her blog is perfect for those times when you want to escape and envision your dream home. Featuring many of Gray’s own works, the blog describes — in words and pictures — how to create a contemporary yet comfortable space out of just about anything. Though she’s all about clean lines and beautiful accents, Gray has the uncanny ability to add something unique to every room, whether it’s an odd piece of art, custom furniture, or a feng shui setup.

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