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Do you need a haircut every 8 weeks?

It’s long been believed that the secret to shiny, healthy hair is a regular trim. But is a trip to the hairdresser every two months really necessary?

Hair fact or fiction?

We went straight to the source and asked expert hairdresser Emiliano Vitale, creative director at é SALON Sydney Australia, for the real deal behind this long-held myth. He says there are several reasons why it’s important to book in for a regular cut or trim, even if your ends do not seem to grow past your shoulders.

Healthy swing

“The myth surrounding this is not so hairdressers can create business; it’s more advised so that hair doesn’t stop growing if you don’t cut it!” he explains.

“Hair always grows, as it grows from the root not the ends. But by regularly cutting your ends the hair will look healthier, be stronger and, more importantly, it gives your hairstyle the ability to move, as healthy, strong hair is renowned for the ability for it to swing.” 

Furthermore, if you don’t trim your hair every eight weeks or so, the shape may grow out, making your hair more difficult to style.

“By not cutting your hair, you lose the shape you have in it, and then the hair completely loses its style,” Vitale adds.

Split ends

Managing split ends is another key motivation for making regular appointments with your hairdresser, although Vitale is quick to point out that irregular haircuts won’t cause split ends. A decent stretch of time between hair appointments just means that your split ends haven’t been chopped for a longer period of time, so your hair won’t look as neat and healthy at the ends.

“The common notion is that hair that hasn’t been cut for a long time becomes split, however, in actual fact, hair starts splitting the moment we cut it,” he reveals.

“Split ends are caused by many factors. Brushing your hair with an old brush, brushing your hair too roughly, over-drying, over-colouring and over-straightening your hair will also cause split ends.”

To keep your hair in as gorgeous shape as possible, he offers the following advice: “Have your hair trimmed regularly; limit over-styling using heated appliances; and indulge in regular in-salon and at-home treatments,” he says. “There is a common theme here in that overdoing your hair in any way [will cause split ends], so prevention is key.”

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