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5 Tips for longer and stronger nails

Envious of those women you see with beautifully manicured nails? Have you never been to a nail salon for fear the nail techncian would take one look at your fingers and fall on the floor laughing? Follow the SheKnows tips for longer, stronger nails and you, too, can have nails you can be proud to flaunt.

Get nails with wow factor
Beautiful nails

Leave your nails alone!

No munching, biting, picking or nibbling. Whether it’s a nervous reaction, stress, boredom or simply just an addictive habit, you need to quit chomping at them. No arguments! Not only do nails gnawed to the nubs look nasty, fingernails carry oodles of bacteria and then you go and stick them in your mouth. If you’re prone to nailbiting you are more susceptible to picking up colds, influenza and paronychia (owwwww!). Sit on your hands if you must.


Nail strengthener is your best friend

Fortified with calcium, nail strengthener helps harden your nails and protect them from breaking so you can grow longer, stronger nails. It also eliminates peeling, flaking and chipping and protects against dehydration caused by the use of harsh detergents and soapy water. You can use it as a base coat which will help your nail polish guide on more easily and ensure your polish lasts longer.


Your nails are not a Swiss army knife substitute

You use your nails for lots of little tasks you don’t even realise and are stunting the growth of your nails. Fingernails are not tools to be used to scratch dirty marks off benches, remove staples, lever nails and thumb tacks or any other odd jobs you find them useful for. Putting excess strain on your nails will cause the nails to crack and split.


Careful with the cuticles

Carefully removing excessive cuticles will help the nail bed look longer and well-groomed. You can get professional results at home with the use of a cuticle remover gel. This is best applied after a shower when your cuticles are soft.


Use a good hand and nail cream

Every day we subject our nails to detergents and harsh chemicals which can dry them out and make them break more easily. Daily moisturising can help you avoid loss of moisture and diminish the chance of breakage.

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