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Fuss-free vacation nails

No-one wants manky, unsightly nails, but when you’re on holiday, there are better things to do than spend an hour or so sitting at a nail salon having gel tips applied.

Hot holiday nails
Women having cocktails by the pool

With the SheKnows guide to fuss-free nails, you can still have the wow factor and spend your valuable vacation time where you should be — poolside sipping fruity cocktails with umbrellas.

Bottom’s up!

Drink plenty! Sorry, ladies, we’re not talking about flaming mojitos. As boring as it sounds, water is essential. It flushes your system and gives a vibrant glow to skin, hair and nails. Alcohol will dehydrate you. For every alcoholic cocktail you have, make the next drink a glass of water. Not only will this help you stay hydrated, it will save you from wasting precious holidays recovering from hangovers.

No munching, picking or nibbling

Stop gnawing and picking at your nails. Nails carry a lot of bacteria so if you are a nail nibbler, you are more susceptible to picking up colds, influenza and paronychia (ouch!).

Go clear

Stick to clear nail polish. Chipped nail polish looks worse than no nail polish at all. If you’re out and about at the beach, swimming and surfing or participating in activities where you’re likely to chip your nails, opt for a clear shade — it gives a nice smooth finish and if it starts to wear off it won’t be noticeable.

Stay short

Keep your nails short. Long nails are high maintenance and, quite frankly, can be a pain in the neck. If you’re out and about doing all the touristy-type things on holiday, like going to theme parks and paragliding etc, chances are you’re going to break one or two nails anyway.

Moisturise regularly

Chlorine and air conditioning can make nails dry and brittle. If you purchase no other nail products, invest in a good hand and nail care cream. Something like Revitanail® Hand & Nail cream would be perfect. With pure aloe, avocado, calcium and multivitamins, this cream will provide much-needed hydration to skin and nails after your hands have been immersed in water and chemicals like dishwashing detergents.

Use a base coat

Dark and vibrant nail polishes can stain your nails. Yes, it’s true! Always use a base coat before applying colour polish. It will also help your nail polish glide on and last longer.

Restrict remover

Keep the use of nail polish remover to a minimum as it can dry out your nails and cuticles. Try to use one that is acetone-free.

Go troppo

Australia is known for its tropical fruits like sweet pineapple, passionfruit the size of cricket balls, papaya, bananas and juicy Queensland mangoes. You can have a guilt-free pig out knowing that vitamins A, B, C and K will help nourish your nails.

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