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6 Celebrity beauty trends to try

Take your cue from glamorous celebrities and adopt a stylish new trend to enhance your look!

Get glamorous
Glamorous woman

Ready for your close-up? Try out some celebrity style tricks and trends to be camera-ready and oh so pretty! Some stars get it right so follow their lead.

Mesmerising eyes

Stars like Rihanna add smoulder with pigment-rich hues on their lids. Choose a monochromatic look and find the colour that is most flattering to your own eyes. For Rihanna’s hazel eyes, a violet purple is a great option. Don’t match your shadow to your eye colour. Instead, add impact by using a complementary tone. Popstar Christina Aguilera wears eye shadow in baby blue, pinks, and whites, and it’s a questionable choice even as part of a stage costume. Always use a very light touch when applying your shadow. You can add more gradually until you have the look just right.

Hair affair

Celebrities often lead the trend in hair styling, and some of the best looks are adaptable and easily wearable for the rest of us, too. Jennifer Aniston made the “Rachel” style the hit of a generation, and she can even carry off the boho braid, paired with evening wear! The trick that makes this style work is keeping the braid simple and integrating it into the rest of the hairdo. Loose waves and a boho braid work well together. Tuck in the end of the braid so it isn’t visible. Braids that are too tight just make you look like you’re trying to disguise a bad hair day. Keep it loose and relaxed!

Bangs are a great way to update your ‘do. Try bangs in the style of Jennifer Lopez — soft, and graduated to blend. This makes the fringe flattering and flexible, and allows you to style your hair with or without the bangs! Be very careful if you choose a strong bang. It might overwhelm your face and limits versatility. Soft is better than severe, so go with an easy side-swept bang.

Feeling daring? How about cropped hair like the ever-stylish Miley Cyrus? She looked amazing with long hair, then really made a statement with her recently cropped ‘do. This look is severe, but can be flattering to most face shapes with the added benefit that it’s so easy to style. Bring pictures of the celebrity hairstyle you envy to your own stylist, and discuss what might work for your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle.

Strong lips

A strong, bold lip like we see on Angelina Jolie works for nearly every woman if she picks the right red. There are dozens of shades of red — some with blue undertones and others with more orange. You may have to try several to determine which is more complementary to your skin tone. Reds with blue undertones will make teeth appear whiter! With a strong red, you’ll want to use a lip primer to keep the lipstick in place and avoid having it migrate into tiny lines that can form around the mouth. The ideal strong lip colour will make you feel powerfully pretty!

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