Outsmart the skin sin: Wearing makeup at the gym

Admit it! We all resent the woman who works out at the gym looking picture-perfect with great workout clothes, stylish hair, and makeup that somehow remains just right as she runs along on the treadmill.

Avoid the makeup meltdown
Woman after an intense workout

Sometimes we need to squeeze our workout in during the middle of the day, so makeup that outlasts our exercise routine can help us get in and out with minimum fuss. If you plan to hit the gym, waterproof products and primed skin will help you avoid the sweat meltdown.


Sweat has a way of loosening makeup and sending it sliding. Choose waterproof eyeliner and mascara that won’t sweat off. Pick a formula that must be removed with soap and water so it stays in place while you log your miles and lift those weights! You’ll avoid the dreaded “raccoon eyes” look and save a lot of time after your session if you don’t have to redo these cosmetics. Clear mascara can also do the trick, making your lashes look fuller without the risk of running off in dark streaks. A little powder applied to your brow also helps blot moisture.


If you’re going to be sweating — and there’s no point to this workout if you don’t get a healthy glow going — foundation primer can be your friend. It works as a protective layer between your skin and the makeup you apply, and helps keep that makeup from sliding off while filling in small lines and pores so that the overall appearance of skin is smoother. Instead of covering your primer with a regular foundation, opt for a light tinted moisturiser. Your skin will look more natural and the moisturiser won’t streak or cake the way a heavy foundation can.

Ditch the lipstick and sticky lip gloss. The last thing you need is strands of hair you toss around during aerobics sticking to your gloss or lipstick on your teeth when you’re giving that attractive guy on the elliptical a friendly smile! Use a clear, non-greasy lip balm to condition your lips while you work on your biceps, and reapply your lipstick after your workout.

Bronzers and blushes sweat off during exercise, leaving muddy streaks on your face. These are products to avoid wearing for your workout. The healthy, rosy flush you’ll get from exercise should bring enough flattering colour naturally to your cheeks. Go light on the sunscreen, too, to avoid it migrating into your eyes as you work out.

Quick tip

A dusting of translucent powder will hold down the shine, but apply sparingly with a fluffy powder brush to avoid caking.

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