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Timeless accessories for anyone

Trends come and go in the fashion world, and accessories are no exception. There are, however, some accessories that will never date. SheKnows narrows down the five stylish, timeless accessories you’ll be able to wear from when you’re 18 to 80.

There’s no doubt that accessories can make or break an outfit. They are the embellishments that can polish an otherwise casual outfit, and dress one up or down. Designers and chain stores alike are notorious for bringing out crazy accessories every season that are so on-trend, they date before the fashion season is over. While it’s great to incorporate some trendy accessories in your wardrobe every season, it’s a better idea to invest in the classic pieces that will never date. Here are our picks for the jewels, arm candy and shades that you can wear your whole life.


When it comes to watches, most people fall into one of two categories: there are those who wear their watches every day, and others who aren’t fussed by keeping track of the time. Regardless of what kind of person you are, every lady should own a fabulous yet classic watch, even if it’s only destined to be worn on special occasions. In many cases, watches negate the need for any other wrist jewellery, which is great for those girls who prefer the minimalist look. They also add a bit of elegance to most outfits, and of course they will force you to take more notice of the time – and what’s not to like about that?

Our pick: Burberry’s 25MM Stainless Steel Watch may break the bank, but it will eventually pay for itself in style credit.

Burberry watch

Burberry watch (, $949)

Black tote bag

Women all over the world have a reputation for carrying out their whole lives in their handbag. If you’re the type of girl who lugs around a bag filled to the brim with your wallet, keys, makeup, day planner, water bottle, snacks and the works, it’s time to buy a fail-safe black tote bag to store everything – and in serious style. Look for designs with hand loops as well as a shoulder strap so you can mix and match your look. It’s also helpful when bags have a couple of inside pockets so that is is easy to grab something in a hurry. Finally, a bag that zips at the top is always a winner over one that doesn’t – if you think about it, you might be carrying hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of stock inside!

Our pick: Alexander Wang’s Rockie Duffel combines form and function like no other.

Alexander Wang bag

Alexander Wang duffel (, $729)

Printed scarf

There’s a reason why Hermes scarves sell out every season: They are the chic and stylish yet adaptable version of the plain old black or neutral-coloured scarf most of us rug up in during winter. Taking a leaf out of Hermes’ book, the printed silk or cotton scarf is a timeless accessory that suits any woman, regardless of their age or taste. When selecting scarves, don’t be afraid to show your personality – choose colours and designs that will not only go with a fair few outfits in your wardrobe (envisioning yourself wearing it with at least four outfits is a good guide to how often you will be able to wear it) but that put a smile on your face. Just like wearing a pair of brightly coloured heels, a printed scarf can brighten up an outfit and just maybe, perk up your day.

Our pick: Sportsgirl’s Amazing Paisley Scarf ticks all the “timeless” boxes.

Amazing paisley scarf

Amazing paisley scarf (, $30)


Not just for celebrities facing hoardes of paparazzi and bright flashes, sunglasses are a timeless accessory and quite frankly, a must have for every woman. Firstly – and this goes without saying – they protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun. They aren’t just good for your health, either: Sunglasses can hide a sleepless night, shield your eyes from wind (or rain), help you avoid eye contact with people if necessary and of course, add the finishing touch to any outfit. It may be hard to believe, but they trump the fashion seasons as well. Even if it’s the cloudiest day, the sun always shines through in one way or another. That’s why beauty editors toot their horn about wearing sunscreen year-round, and the same applies for sunglasses.

Our pick: You can’t go wrong with Ray Bans’ Classic Aviators in Gun Metal.

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses (, $329)

Stud earrings

Finally, a simple pair of stud earrings in silver, white gold or gold will never date. Go for circular or square shapes in a classic metal colour, or if you’re willing to splash some cash (remember, these are investment pieces), diamonds or even cubic zirconias will always be in style. For those girls who don’t have their ears pierced, there are plenty of clip-on options that will suit just fine as well. Just remember, the “blingier” your earrings, the more toned-down the rest of your jewellery should be. It’s all about balance when embellishing with accessories.

Our pick: Goldmark’s 9ct Gold Knot Studs are as classy as they come.

Goldmark knot earrings

Knot earrings (, $90)

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