10 Tips to save money on fashion

Forget about feeling guilty when shopping. Take note of these 10 great tips to save money on fashion and you’ll love you bank balance just as much as you love your new clothes!

Save money without sacrificing style
Women shopping for clothes

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with fashion and shopping. Sure we love the thrill of purchasing, but our bank statements can soon overshadow that. It’s time to get savvy about shopping with these 10 hot tips.


Social sweetness!

Forget about using Facebook, Twitter and all other social media just for snooping; use it to connect to your favourite fashion labels, shopping centres and stores. Get sales and deals sent straight to you so that you never miss an opportunity to save cash again.


Quality, baby!

You mama was right when she said to get quality over quantity. She was most likely talking about boys, but apply the rule to clothing too. When buying wardrobe staples like shoes and coats go for well made versus cheap and plenty. It might set you back at first, but if you look after a good pair of shoes they will last years and are easier to re-heel.


Labels R Us

If you can’t go past a certain brand, purchase their party or social pieces for your wardrobe. When it comes to casual clothes and weekend wear, however, avoid the labels and go for no name brands. A t-shirt can be half the price when it doesn’t come from a certain store.


Clock work

In the name of fashion, sacrifice the morning sleep-in. If you head to the stores first thing the morning you are more likely to find sale items in your size. Also, if you can go shopping on a Friday you might be able to take advantage of sale racks being prepared before the expected weekend crowds.


On a mission

The next time you are shopping remember that you’re there for a sale, nothing less. When entering a store, keep your eyes down and head straight for the back first where sale items are often hidden.


Get wasted

Save money by thinking about the clothes you already own and how they can be dressed up with a few accessories. It’s amazing how different outfits can look with colourful bangles, necklaces, scarves or belts!


Sharing the love

We’ve heard it before but thrift shopping is a sure fire way to find amazing deals and do something good at the same time. Charity stores like the Red Cross are now targeting fashionistas. Pop into their dedicated vintage clothing stores or “fashion trade” boutique stores where industry partners have donated their left-over stock for re-sale.


Think like a Girl Scout

Be prepared for next year’s wardrobe. At the end of a season pick up sale items and store them away for next year. If you go for basics, for example a black coat in winter, you’re guaranteed they won’t be out of fashion next season.


World wide web of saving

Pull out your laptop and take advantage of online-only sales and free shipping. Also, think about having a pre-paid debit card for online purchases, that way you can only spend the money you have already loaded onto the card.


Swap party

If all else fails gather your girlfriends for a night of swilling champagne and swapping previously loved clothes.

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