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Developing a foolproof skincare routine

If you don’t want to look old and haggard with skin like the back-end of an elephant when you get older, you need to have a skincare routine. It doesn’t have to take hours in front of a mirror to get beautiful results either.

Kickstart your beauty routine
Woman washing her face

Here are some foolproof tips you can use to kickstart a regular skincare routine.

Wash your face before bed

Even if you’re tanked up to the eyeballs on booze or too tired to blink, if it’s the only thing you do every night, wash your face. Look for cleansers that are easy to use and are formulated for various skin types, like Clearasil® PerfectaWash™. The automatic dispenser delivers the perfect amount and deep cleans pores and treats acne, giving you visibly clearer skin. Plus, you can choose from a variety of formulations like the Splash formula featuring raspberry and cranberry extracts or the Soothing Plant formula if you have more sensitive skin.

Use sunscreen

There’s nothing like sun damage to speed up the ageing process. Women who spend too much time outside without using sunscreen will be more prone to heavy wrinkling around the eyes. Choose cosmetics with SPF protection.

Never, ever pop pimples

Especially if it’s located from the end of your nose to the edge of your lips. According to Dr Oz, this area is called the triangle of death. The pus from pimples can go back down into the blood vessels and that goes to your brain!

Get plenty of vitamins

Especially plenty of vitamin A, C and E. Vitamin A helps your cells rejuvenate and generate more elastin so the skin doesn’t get all saggy and baggy. Vitamin A-rich foods include apricots, dark leafy greens, carrots, butternut squash and liver.

Sleep more

Not only are good sleep habits essential for staying healthy, lack of sleep decreases the skin’s capability to stay hydrated. Now you have the perfect excuse to roll over and steal another 20 minutes after the alarm goes off.


By increasing blood flow, a workout — whether it’s a run, pump or spin class or anything which promotes healthy circulation — will benefit your skin by making it look vibrant.

Drink lots of water

Dehydration can leave your skin looking dull. Drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Also try and avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime.

Quick tip

Don’t forget your neck! One of the telltale signs that a woman is getting older is the saggy, wrinkled skin on her neck. When you are applying facial moisturiser, make sure to slather your neck in cream too.

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