Perfect makeup for a big night out

A first date, an awards night schmoozing with celebrities, a glam dinner party — whatever the occasion, every girl wants to look perfect for a big night out and with these evening makeup tips and tricks from SheKnows, now you can!

Get a flawless face
Applying makeup

Cleanse and moisturise

Start with using a face cleanser like Clearasil® PerfectaWash™. This ensures all dry, flaky skin is removed and provides a smooth, clean surface to work with. A light application of moisturiser will stop your foundation from looking dry and caked on.

Conceal pimples

Unwanted pimples can be tamed with the use of ice. Unfortunately you don’t have to be 13 to get annoying pimples. Applying ice can reduce redness. Dab concealer over the top before applying foundation.

Ditch the SPF

Steer away from foundations and moisturisers with Sun Protection Factor (SPF), especially if you know you’ll be photographed. SPF reflects the camera flash and can give you the appearance of looking ghostly white.

Choose eyes or lips

Focus on highlighting your eyes or your lips, not both (unless you’re going for the “trampire” look).
If you choose to feature your eyes, stick to using a natural tone or clear gloss on your lips. To accentuate your lips, select a vivacious red or a bold burgundy and play down your eyes with a simple sweep of neutral eye shadow and a little eyeliner.

Use lipliner

Forget what you’ve read about lipliner being so ’90s. Lipliner is a girl’s best friend. Not only will it help enhance your pout, it will stop your lipstick from bleeding outwards after you’ve had a couple of cocktails or a passionate kiss.

Go waterproof

Go waterproof for longer-lasting coverage. Waterproof makeup doesn’t run if you shed a few tears at a wedding reception, or smudge when you’re perspiring from dancing up a storm at the hottest club in town. If using waterproof makeup, make sure you invest in a quality remover.

Brush it on

Use brushes to blend eye shadows and blushes. Bristled brushes are easier to use than applicators — which are usually sold with eye cosmetics — and will help you avoid unwanted lines.

Curl your lashes

Using an eyelash curler will give you fuller, more glamorous eyes without having to mess around with attaching false eyelashes. Apply two coats of mascara for extra luscious lashes. This is a very simple step but the effects are dazzling.

Quick tip

Slip blotting paper into your handbag or purse. This is great for getting rid of any excess shine during the night.

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