Style tips for the girl on a budget

When you’re on a tight budget, often there’s not a lot of cash left over to splash out on trendy designer items. SheKnows has compiled a list of the best style tips for the budget-conscious girl.

Woman shopping for clothes

Think classic

Create a collection with classic items that can be mixed and matched with other items of clothing — for example, a little black dress or black trousers. Accessories like bangles, scarves and belts can make one item look like a completely different outfit.

Maximise your shopping

Take advantage of end of season clearance sales. The annual Boxing Day sales are a great time to save up to more than half price on the retail prices.

Know your prices

Just because it says “SALE” on the shop window doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a good bargain.

Pause before you buy

When you buy clothing, ask yourself two questions: Does it fit me properly? How long will it last me? If it doesn’t fit, you won’t wear it and it’s just money down the drain. If it’s too trendy or poorly made, it won’t last past the season. Stick to fashion that will stay with you long term.

Look for daily deals

Sign up for daily emails alerting you to the best deals. You can get these from your favourite retailers or from special online deal sites.

Makeover your wardrobe

With the warmer weather on the way, you don’t need to buy shorts. Choose an old pair of jeans or cargo pants and turn them into cut-offs. If you’re handy with a sewing machine you can hem them for a more tailored look.

Choose shoes that last

If you’re going to splurge on anything, spend it on quality shoes. They last for ages and you can always get the soles replaced or the heels recapped.

Shop second-hand

It’s not uncool to shop at second-hand clothing stores. Not only is your purchase supporting a good cause, you can find retro and vintage items for a steal. Plus you can be pretty sure you won’t turn up to a party and find at least three other people wearing the same jacket.

Bid on good deals

eBay is great for more than unwanted pianos and kitchen junk. You can find designer labels for a fraction of the price.

Look for wash and wear clothes

Try to buy items that don’t need dry-cleaning. Check the labels for washing instructions.

Find flexible fashion

Buy items of clothing you can wear different ways. For example, an elastic-waisted skirt can be hitched up and worn as a strapless top or a short dress can be teamed with a pair of leggings or trousers and used as a top.

Be smart about splurges

If you’re going to splash out on jeans, purchase dark denim so you can easily dress them up or wear them with a casual top. While distressed denim is the hottest trend right now, they tend to look a little too casual.

Skip designer gym wear

No need to waste your money on designer wear to workout at the gym, any old t-shirt and a pair of trackies will suffice. No-one looks good when they’re hot and sweaty anyway.

Develop personal style

Dressing well is not about spending big money on labels, it’s about developing personal style. As long as you know how to mix and match, you can look like a million bucks even if you’re the only one who knows your jeans only cost you $20.

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