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20 Reasons to shop affordable fashion

You don’t have to blow your budget to look hot. Here are 20 reasons to shop for affordable fashions.

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You can get celeb looks for less

The latest celebrity look is available exclusively from Kmart. Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez, Bongo by Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson and the new sassy range of clothing by Modern Family’s Sofia Vegara are all available from Kmart.


You can support a good cause

Second-hand clothing stores are usually run by a local church like the Salvation Army or St Vinnies, so pat yourself on the back because you’re helping a worthy cause by shopping there.


Trendy clothes don’t last

Trends come and go, so why pay a couple of hundred dollars for a dress you will probably only wear a handful of times?


You’ll get more for your dollar

You’ll get an entire outfit for the cost of a pair of designer shoes or a jacket.


You can avoid matching others

Ever turn up at a party and you’re wearing the same dress as someone else? If you shop at second-hand clothing stores, it’s practically a guarantee you’ll be unique.


It makes sense for kids’ fashion

Since babies and kids grow so fast, there’s no point spending big bucks on clothes that won’t even fit them in a couple of months’ time.


You can still find designer duds

In the larger cities, local celebrities tend to clean out their closets and gift what they no longer wear to the second-hand clothing store in their area. You never know what you might stumble across in a thrift shop Megan Gale’s swimwear or a jacket once belonging to Fifi Box.


You can spend your money on other things

The less money you spend on clothing, the more you’ll have to go on holidays or put towards a deposit for your own home.


You’ll have bragging rights

You can brag to your girlfriends about the best bargains you’ve found.


You can find current styles at second-hand shops

Fashions come back in style. The ’80s are making a comeback so why pay full price for a trendy item when you could probably pick it up for less than $10 at a second-hand clothing store?


You can make some money

Fancy yourself a fahionista? You could buy a few items of clothing, bedazzle them and sell them for a profit on eBay.


Waiting on deals leads to great bargains

You can pick up some great bargains if you wait until the end of financial year or end of season clearance sales.


It’s not all about the clothes

With a few accessories and the right shoes, affordable clothing can look like it cost you an entire month’s salary.


It’s more about personal style

You can spend all the money on expensive designer labels you want, but you won’t look anymore chic unless you have an eye for style and know how to mix and match.


It’s about quality, not price

Not all clothing is created equal just because you pay top dollar doesn’t mean it’s going to last any longer once it’s been through the wash a couple of times.


You can impersonate to look great

Love Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Alba’s taste in clothing? Take a couple of magazine pictures and head to discount stores to find similar items of clothing. You can have the look without paying the big bucks.


Vintage is in

Just raid your mum’s closet for unique style finds. You won’t have to spend a dollar!


You can find clothing that fits

You’re more likely to find sizes for the plus-size woman. A lot of expensive clothing stores only cater to the lettuce leaf-eating variety of women. Kmart tends to cater for the girl who is not afraid to admit she loves hot chips and lots of chocolate.


You can test out new styles

Not sure if you’ll feel comfortable wearing peplum? Buy an inexpensive dress or skirt and you can test it out without feeling guilty if you only wear it once.


You can buy multiples

If you love showing off your shoulders in tank tops, you can buy them in all of your favourite colours and designs when you shop affordable fashion.

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