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Make inexpensive fashion look expensive

Sporting the latest trends doesn’t necessarily mean spending all your hard-earned cash on buying the latest designer brand names. You don’t have to max out your credit card to look good. It’s been said style is not a question of money — you cannot buy fashion sense. The reality is that getting the expensive look is more about knowing how to mix and match reasonably priced clothing items to look stylish. With a few handy SheKnows hints, you can look like a million dollars.

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Don’t overspend

Don’t overspend on plain items like t-shirts, jeans or shirts. No-one is going to be able to tell whether you spent $9 or $90. These items all look pretty similar whether they have designer branding or not. You can easily add flair by teaming these items with chunky jewellery, a tailored jacket or a scarf.

Switch it up

Team up cheaper items of clothing with items you’ve spent a little more money on. For example, you can dress up an inexpensive new dress with a nice wide belt or a double-breasted blazer.

Do a quality check

Double check the quality. Look for any loose threads, poorly sewed buttons, proper hems and check seam edges.


Don’t be afraid to splash out on accessories. Plain blouses, jackets and dresses can take on a new life with the right accessories. Add a hat or a killer pair of shoes, big sunglasses, bangles or bracelets and a scarf. Remember, the key to looking elegant is to keep it simple.

Clue up on cloth

The quality of material is crucial. Irrespective of item of clothing, if it’s made from synthetic fabric, it will tend to look cheaper than if it’s made from cotton, linen or silk. Natural fabrics are more breathable and comfortable. Cotton tends to be most hard wearing and easy to care for.

Wear black

Make black a wardrobe staple. A cheap pair of black jeggings or trousers can be transformed from casual wear into formal attire by correctly matching it with a dazzling top from the Sofia range and strappy shoes.

Get the right fit

Choose clothes which suit your body shape and colours which complement your complexion. Also try to stay away from dressing in block colour.

Pull yourself together

Familiarise yourself with an iron. Looking like you’ve slept in your outfit overnight is guaranteed to cheapen your look.

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