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5 Oils for beautiful skin

The windy winter months can wreak havoc on our skin, leaving it dry, dull, and less-than-dewy. Enter beauty oils! These babies have exploded onto the beauty scene in the past year, and are being snapped up quicker than you can say “save my skin!” Here’s why.

The magic of oil
Body oils

New mothers have been using Bio-Oil to get rid of stretch marks for years, but now everyone else has caught on to the serious benefits of using oils on your skin. Beauty oils are being touted as the new skin saviours – and for good reason.

They penetrate through the skin’s many layers, keeping it intensely hydrated even in the driest, coldest and windiest winter conditions. When it comes to oils, just using one is great; using different ones for different areas is even better. Here we’ve narrowed down the five types of beauty oils that will put you on the path to your best skin this winter. Used correctly (and consistently), these oils will leave your skin looking and feeling fresh, soft and above all, radiant.


The body oil

Replace your usual moisturiser with a body oil and treat your skin to some serious hydration. Body oil is best applied straight after showering when skin is still damp. Pump a pea-sized amount in your hand for each limb, and massage the oil into the skin using circular strokes. Give the oil a few minutes to absorb before putting any clothing on. Our vote goes to Burberry Body’s version, which retails for around $65 online and at most large department stores. With its peachy, sandalwood and vanilla tones, you can probably skip the perfume.


The cleansing oil

If you’re going to add one oil to your beauty regimen, make it a cleansing oil. Think of the cleansing oil as cross between makeup remover, a heavy-duty foaming cleanser and an exfoliating cream. These oil-based cleansers wash away all traces of makeup, sweat and any other dirt you may have accumulated during the day. Not just for skin sinners, cleaning oils should be a staple in any busy woman’s beauty cupboard. Once they are massaged in, cleansing oils will leave skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean. Our pick is the Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil, and you get bonus points if you double-cleanse.


The bath oil

Forget adding boring salts or bubbles to your bath – instead, combat winter skin by using a bath oil. There are two ways to use bath oils: the lazy way and the active way. Let’s start with the easy option. Soaking in bathwater infused with drops of oil is the simple way to hydrate your body and emerge with soft, smooth skin. If you want to step up your regime a notch, use bath oil like you would liquid soap: Apply it all over your body, massaging it in as you go along. This is the best way to indulge your skin and get the most out of your bath time. Here at SheKnows, we love Jo Malone’s range of moisturising bath oils. With citrus, fruity, floral, spicy or woody aromas to choose from, you may not want to get out of the bath!


The rosehip oil

Switch up your nightly beauty routine by replacing your regular facial moisturiser with rosehip oil. Extolled by the likes of the perma-glowing Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow, rosehip oil infuses skin with natural vitamins. It works to hydrate the layers of skin on your face, leaving it looking and feeling soft and radiant. Try it for a few days and we bet you’ll be a convert. Rosehip oil is best massaged into freshly cleansed and toned skin using circular motions. Feel doubly virtuous by using Kosmea’s Certified Organic version, which can be purchased from most pharmacies.


The classic Bio-Oil

This cult product has been embraced by beauty editors, mothers and average women the world over for its defence against a host of skin issues including scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. While there is no cure for these skin problems, the award-winning Bio-Oil does an excellent job of preventing them and reducing their appearance. It’s truly a wonder product. The company recommends users apply Bio-Oil twice a day to affected areas, taking the time to really massage it in.

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