When and why should you use an eye cream?

Think eye cream should be banished to your mother’s makeup case? Think again! As any medical professional will tell you, prevention is better than cure, meaning women in their 20s should be adding eye cream to their skincare routine. And when it comes to caring for the fragile skin framing your eyes, there are plenty of products you can lean on to ensure your skin stays smooth and wrinkle-free.

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You may not be using eye cream yet, but there’s a good chance that your friends, sisters and neighbours are. After all, the Australian beauty industry estimates that a massive 10 per cent of the skincare market is wrapped up in eye creams, which was one of the only beauty categories to grow during the GFC.

And for very good reason, says former beauty editor and author of Amazing Face, Zoe Foster.

“The eyes are a gobsmackingly delicate, expressive area of the face,” she blogs.

“Eye products tend to be a little thicker and [more] luxurious than your face cream, which is something to enjoy, because there are no natural oil glands and moisture on the skin nearest the eye, and so they need more than the rest of the skin on your mug. Keep in mind that, just like skin care, eye cream needs a month of twice-daily use for results to be seen.”

If you’ve yet to jump on the eye cream bandwagon, don’t despair. We’ve done the research for you to track down an eye cream product that can minimise fine lines and be easily absorbed into the delicate skin around your eyes. So without further ado…

Scrimp: Rosehip oil

Price: $10-$15

For those who are just dipping their toe in the eye cream pond, rosehip oil is the perfect way to start. A light, natural oil that can be dabbed around the eye area, rosehip oil is packed with nutrients that restore hydration to your skin. Best of all, at around $10-$15 a vial, it caters to all budgets. Bio-Oil is another great, affordable product that can be used around your delicate eye area. “Bio?Oil contains numerous ingredients that help to plasticise the skin, making it softer, smoother and more supple, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkled skin,” the makers pledge. “Bio?Oil also moisturises, which improves the texture, tone and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Top tip: Bio-Oil is available at the supermarket, and it also pulls double duty: it can be applied to scars and stretch marks to reduce their appearance.

Save: Trilogy Eye Contour Cream

Price: $45

At around $45 for a 20 mililitre tube, Trilogy’s Eye Contour Cream is a little pricier, but its followers swear by this cult product. Made with a blend of cooling aloe vera and our favoured rosehip, together with avocado and pure plant oils, this eye cream promises to leave the eye area “perfectly moisturised and visibly smoothed.” As an added bonus, regular users claim it helps to diminish dark circles and make their eyes look brighter, too.

Top tip: Packaged in a thin tube, fans love this product because it’s easy to squeeze out exactly what you need, without messy wastage. For best result squeeze out two tiny dots and pat onto the eyelid and beneath your eye.

Splurge: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex

Price: $95

Break out the big guns! When you invest in this luxurious product – and make no mistakes, it is an investment – you won’t get much change from a $100 note. But when you consider that a tub of Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex will last you a good six months, it becomes less price-prohibitive. Plus, if tricky dark circles and persistent puffiness are your bugbear, you’re sure to get some relief with this eye cream. “Because skin around your eyes is about four times thinner than anywhere else on your face, it’s more vulnerable to environmental damage,” they claim. “It is also where you’ll see the signs of aging to be the most exaggerated.”

Top tip: Don’t be fooled by its name: This product, which smoothes irritants and helps reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness for brighter skin around the eyes, should be used twice per day (morning and night) on clean skin.

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