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Apps that simplify income taxes

From tax returns to online banking to personal budgeting, we are increasingly going digital with our finances. Even seemingly complicated matters like personal income tax can be calculated by that pocket-sized, personal assistant – your smartphone! Whether you want to estimate your tax return or tax bill, or plan around a change in salary, tax changes or cuts, these handy apps help simplify the sums.

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My Tax

My Tax is a handy app for employees, employers, bookkeepers, even accountants. With a slick layout, this app allows you to calculate personal income tax, factoring in PAYG withheld tax, salary sacrifice benefits (both motor vehicle or superannuation), fringe benefits tax, medicare levy and HECS-Help repayments.

Also check out My Tax States, which helps calculate state tax liability for the transfer of property, land tax and also for loan calculations. My Super assists would also be a handy complement to the My Tax app, helping you do the sums on your self-managed superannuation fund.

Australian Income Tax Calculator

With an easy-to-use, streamlined display this popular application will help you understand and calculate your tax. It calculates the tax payable on your gross income, and provides an estimate of your taxable income. It factors in tax deductions, Medicare levy, private health cover and HECS-Help repayments. The app also allows you to compare tax paid over different fiscal years.

CCH Income Tax Calculator

This simple CCH Income Tax Calculator application incorporates Dropbox and email export so you can keep a record of calculations. It calculates PAYG tax on your gross income and taxable income (after deductions). It factors in marital status, private health cover, repayment income, fringe benefits, tax offsets, and HECS-Help repayments.

Income Tax Calculator (Australia and New Zealand)

Save time and let this convenient application do the number-crunching. This app is suitable for people on a range of incomes, including those eligible for low income tax credit. It allows you to look at weekly, fortnightly, monthly tax and includes Medicare levy, HECS-Help and other deductions.

Comprehensive Australian Income Tax Calculator

For quick and easy way to calculate various Australian tax liabilities, try this slick and up-to-date application. This app has a range of features that will help you stay on top of your finances at tax time and throughout the year. It includes a tax rates table updated for the new financial year including new individual income tax rates, low income tax offset rates, new HELP repayment rates, cents per kilometre rates, fringe benefits tax statutory vehicle rates, car depreciation limit, superannuation caps, and more.

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