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The pros of working with a tax pro

Preparing and filing your taxes on your own takes energy, money and time. This year, instead of doing it yourself, consider the benefits of working with a tax pro.

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Save money

The most common reason that people hesitate about hiring a tax pro is the cost involved. However, a qualified tax preparer is worth far more to you than his fees. A pro stays on top of all tax laws and knows every available tax deduction, thus maximising your return. Most of the time you will save more money in taxes than the pro will charge you for filing your return.

Save time

In addition to saving you money outright, utilising a tax professional will also save you a significant amount of time. And as we all know, time is money. A complicated tax return can take 40 hours or more to prepare. Consider the income-producing activities (or even the relaxation) that you could be doing during that time.

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Reduce stress

Taxes are stressful. You want to make sure that you get all the money that is owed to you but most of the time you find yourself just hoping that you have done everything properly. By turning to a tax pro, you can reduce your stress and leave all the worrisome details to the experts.

Reduce risk

Regardless of how confident you are about filing your own taxes, you can still make mistakes that will cost you money. Not only can they find every legitimate deduction and credit, a tax professional can also help you eliminate common filing errors that cause you to pay penalties. By using a tax service, you can be assured that if they ever make a mistake on your return that costs you more money — the company will pay the additional penalties and interest, not you.

Get educated

A good tax preparer will not only maximise your tax return this year, but also explain tax laws and provide advice on tax planning strategy for the future. You don’t want to pay someone to just take your information and input it for you. You can do that yourself. You want a true tax pro who asks you questions, maximises this year’s tax return and guides you for future years.

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If your tax situation is simple (you don’t have investments, own real estate, run a business, or have another complex tax situation), you might think you don’t need a tax professional. However even if you choose not to use a tax pro every single year, you should do so whenever your circumstances change. Therefore, if you have started your own business, changed jobs, gotten married or had other significant changes in your status, it’s in your best interest to hire a tax professional.

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