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The importance of working with local tax providers

When it’s time to lodge your income tax return, you can do it yourself or you can use the services of a tax professional. Even if your tax situation is simple, working with a local tax provider can save you both time and money.

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Maximise your refund

With the assistance of a local tax provider, you can maximise your refund. Those people who choose to do their taxes on their own often miss numerous deductions. By using an experienced tax pro, you’ll be assured that every legitimate deduction or rebate will be claimed, which will put more money back in your pocket.

Don’t worry about mistakes

If you use an income tax service, such as ITP Sydney, you don’t have to worry about errors. Every tax return is prepared by an experienced pro and double-checked prior to lodgement. If for some reason an error is made that causes additional penalties or tax charged to you, the company will pay the penalty and interest, so you can eliminate the stress and worry about making mistakes.

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Get educated

Using a local tax provider isn’t just about having someone else fill in the numbers on your tax return. It’s about hiring someone to give you advice and direction. A good tax pro will be a true consultant, who will ask you numerous questions about your financial situation and then find every legitimate deduction. The tax provider will not only help you maximise your current return, but also advise you on how to reduce your taxes in future years. Don’t hire a tax preparer that just takes your information and inputs it for you — you can do that yourself. Hire someone who specialises in taxation, stays on top of tax trends and is aware of changes in tax laws.

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Save both time and money

The fees for using a local tax provider vary depending on your situation. However, no matter the cost, you can save significant time and money by using a pro. Individuals spend countless hours every year preparing their taxes. Then after filing, they just wait and pray that they’ve done everything right. Tax laws are always changing and for that reason alone, it may be worth it for you to use a tax consulting organisation. It takes considerable time to stay on top of all the changes in the law, and then even more time to make sure that you get all the credits and deductions that you are entitled to. And as we all know, our time is valuable.

The decision of whether to do your own taxes or leave it to the professionals is a personal choice. However, if you want to reduce stress, maximise your return and save yourself time, money and headaches, working with a local tax provider can be just what you need.

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