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Photo apps to transform pics to art

Smart phones may have gifted us the opportunity to snap pictures anywhere and everywhere (of anything and everything), but it has created a problem along the way: What are we supposed to do with all of this digital clutter that we create? Enter, arty phone apps than transform happy snaps into digital art.

You can choose from over 200 iPhone photography apps in iTunes, which allow you to do everything from adding effects and editing your snaps, to sharing your favourite images online. So rather than letting your best images collect digital dust, why not try some of these clever apps on for size?


There’s a reason why the free iPhone photo filter app FilterMania 2 was downloaded one million times in the six days following its launch! Boasting 300 features, including realistic nature filters — such as rain, water splash, sun, leaves fall, frost, rainbow and more — this app allows you to rotate, scale and move images while changing their look and appearance. You can then share them to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Flickr, or save to your camera roll. It’s easy to see why it’s been rated the number one photography app in 33 countries – and did we mention it is free?!

Cost: Free

PhotoArtista Oil

In years gone past, artists would spend weeks, months and even years painstakingly crafting realistic portraits of their subjects. Now, what they achieved in a year you can achieve in a moment, thanks to My Sketch. With this app you have the opportunity to transform your photos into portraiture and fine art. Simply start with a photo, choose a paint style (such as impressionism or realism) and then apply – and let the application do all the work for you. The app spits out a high-resolution image at the end, and all for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Cost: $2.99 

My Sketch

Over nine million users worldwide have used this popular app (for iPhone and iPad), which converts snaps into realistic drawings. Choose from 20 different types of sketches and watch as your image is sketched into a high-resolution drawing, suitable for printing and easily shared across social media. Best of all, you can put this app to work on an unlimited number of sketches, allowing you to transform your photos into art over and over and over again!

Cost: $1.99


Typographic art is a pretty big deal right now and if you’re keen to jump on the creative bandwagon, WordFoto makes it effortless for you. Just choose your fave photo and the words you’d like to appear on it, and presto – you have your own word-blocked piece of photo art, ready to share and display online or in print. There are eight preset styles to play around with or you can create your own custom styles by adjusting the brightness, contrast, shadows and fonts.

Cost: $1.99


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