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Fun pet toys from Etsy

Why waste your money on boring plastic toys from the pet store, when you can invest in original pet toys that are handmade with love? Check out these creative souls on Etsy, who have come up with a range of clever goodies to keep your pets entertained!

Wag RagsWag Rags eco dog toy

Forget store-bought chew toys made of scratchy rope! These Wag Rags eco dog toys are crafted from recycled t-shirts and they’re knotted (rather than being braided) for added durability. In fact, the makers are so confident in the strength of their products that they pledge, “Even the most determined pooch won’t unravel this toy.”

Available in three sizes and two colour choices – the “purebreed” features two complementary shades, while the “mutt” has four to six colours blended together – these dog toys are made of soft cotton t-shirts that give your pooch’s teeth a gentle scrub as they chew. The softness of the fabric means these pet toys are also ideal for both older dogs and teething pups.

Price: $7 (Itty Bitty), $11 (Orginial), $20 (Big) plus $10 shipping from the U.S. (discounts postage for orders of 2 toys or more)

ErinBlack Designs dog toyErinBlackDesigns knit wool felt dog toy

These sweet, hand-crafted pooches are made from 100 per cent wool, meaning they’re not strictly for the four-legged friend in your life, as kids will also get a kick out of these gorgeous softies! Creator Erin Blacks says each toy is made using naturally soft toy casings that are antimicrobial (meaning, the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi is inhibited), which is perfect considering how much time it will spend in your dog’s mouth.

As an added bonus, they hold up to 1/3 of their weight in water and Erin adds, “Wool toys stay dryer than most other toys during mouth play. I also make them extra strong through the felting process, as the toys are knit first and then felted to create a soft, plush, chewable toy.” With no eyes or squeakers, Woolly Wags toys are safe, quiet and machine washable, and you can choose from six colours.

Note: If you fancy yourself as being a bit crafty, you can purchase the pattern and make your own woolly dog toy for $6.50.

Price: $24 (mini), $35 (small), $39 (medium), $47 (large), plus shipping from Canada (contact seller for postage quote) 

KittyKandy toyKittyKandy jingle bouncy ball

Feel guilty when you head off to work, leaving your cat to entertain himself for nine hours at a time? For the princely sum of $6 (plus $8 postage from Canada), you can be sure your kitty is enjoying themselves with this hand-made jingle bouncy ball pet toy. Each colourful hand-crocheted bouncy ball has a bell inside and can be hung from a door knob or dragged along the ground – and at this affordable price, it won’t cost you any more than you’d spend on a similar toy at a pet shop.

Price: $6, plus $8 shipping from Canada (discounts postage for orders of two balls or more) 

ArtSincerely wool cat ballArtSincerely eco-friendly wool cat toy ball

Colourful, quirky and made of 100 per cent wool, the clever people behind these eco-friendly toy balls promise: “Cats love these!” With a soft texture for cats to sink their teeth and claws into, these felted balls are coloured with contrasting vines, polkadots and circles.

“You don’t have to let the cat have them – they look pretty amassed in a crystal bowl. I have a dozen in a little silver tray and everyone who comes over plays with them,” says the shop owner. “We make these by the dozen and have all sorts of great colours and patterns. You won’t get the exact cat toy balls in the photos, but you will get some that are equally as cool. We guarantee it!”

Price: $2.50, plus $5 shipping from U.S. (only 50 cents postage for each additional toy)


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