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Fashion bloggers to check out around the world

Just one click of the Search button can bring back so many weird and wacky website results that sometimes the world of fashion and beauty blogs can get overwhelming. We’ve sifted through the many to bring you some of the best — click through our list of favourites to get your dose of fashion and beauty, and a hint of things to come.

Woman blogging

They’re some of the best in the blogosphere and definitely permanent fixtures on our bookmarks toolbar. Sift through these great fashion and beauty bloggers to track down your new go-tos.


Susanna Lau, or Susie Bubble as we know her, is a London-based writer and editor who began the divine and delightful Style Bubble blog in 2006. Her posts are quirky and informative, discussing new trends off the runway as well as her own favourite pieces and styles. She’s a joy to read and her outfits are bursting with quirk and colour.


Rumi Neely is one of the It Girls of fashion blogging right now, recently even making a trip to Oz from L.A. with the Miss Shop Blogger Project. Her style is casual but feminine, with an effortless chic that reflects her willingness to shop anywhere and everywhere — from markets to pawnshops to high-end boutiques. Her photo captions always list the labels of each item, meaning you can hunt down your own if you like what you see.

Gary Pepper

Nicole Warne is the girl behind Gary Pepper Vintage, a charming online store full of quality one-off pieces. (Black-and-white checker dress complete with full collar, anyone?) Nicole also runs the Gary Pepper blog, styling super sweet outfits and running her readers through her thought process and outfit suitability. She’s got a great conversational style that we guarantee will keep you checking in on a regular basis!


Local Aussie girl Zanita Morgan is a photographer, blogger and model who has captured a beautiful range of photos as she styles outfits, collaborates with other bloggers and explores the world of fashion and photography. Featuring outfits she’s put together as well as trends off the runway, Zanita brings a bit of light-hearted fun to fashion darrrling.

Harper & Harley

Sara Donaldson is a young Sydney blogger who also works as an e-commerce fashion exec, so this girl certainly knows her fashion. Her posts are refreshingly down to earth, featuring clothes the everyday Aussie girl would wear, as well as aspirational pieces from the runway.

Natalie Off Duty

Natalie Suarez is an L.A.-raised, NYC-based model who has a distinctive style (and the figure to pull it off!). Follow her adventures around The Big Apple and overseas as she takes up modelling jobs, tracks down gigs and hangs out with her equally glamorous pals. The backdrops in her photographs are as gorgeous as her outfits. (Think Central Park in New York and beautiful bridges in Amsterdam.)

Candice Lake

This Aussie model has now turned her attention to the other side of the lens, with her photos appearing in fashion bibles Vogue Australia, Harpers Bazaar and more. She’s now based in London and contributes to‘s Street Chic site, as well as her own blog which features awesome street style and her personal favourite pieces.

Anna Della Russo

For those with more eccentric taste, Italy’s Anna Della Russo is the current Editor at Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. She’s all about bright colours and bold accessories, and looking through her blog is inspiring and uplifting.

Fleur de Force

This American beauty blogger has a self-confessed “unhealthy appetite for cosmetics” so you can be sure she’s tried them all to bring you the best. Fleur will introduce you to some of her favourite products and talk you through their pros and cons — it’s like having a handy beauty-obsessed friend on standby!


Nikki Yazxhi is a beauty and lifestyle writer and a busy mum. She offers great, practical advice to keep you looking your beautiful best without breaking open the piggy bank. She also offers great instructions to master the hottest new hairstyles, as well as other musings and pics like home inspiration and her favourite tunes.

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