What to look for in a beauty salon

We all love pampering ourselves at the salon, but how do you sort the good from the bad? Find out what you should look for and the questions you need to ask before you pick a beauty salon.

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Whether your beloved hairdresser or beauty therapist is leaving your local salon, you’re moving towns or states, or you simply need a change, finding a qualified replacement is easier said than done. When trusting a stranger with your skin, face or hair, you need to be sure that they’re going to take care of you and do an excellent job. (We’ve all seen the results of a friend who tried out a new hairdresser and came home with less-than-pleasing results.)

So how can you minimise the risk and find a top-notch professional to bring out the best in you and your natural beauty? Simple. Follow these recommended steps and find the beauty expert you’re looking for!

Ask around

Ask stylish friends, family, neighbours and colleagues where they go for their beauty treatments or to have their hair done. If you see someone with a particularly great hairstyle on the street, don’t be afraid to ask them who their stylist is — after all, it’s a compliment!

Do your research

Compile a list of all the salons that have been suggested to you and see if an internet search will offer you any more information. User-reviewed websites like Yelp and Eatability often offer great insight into businesses by people who have had a positive or negative experience with them.

Factors you should look at include: 

  • Location (is the salon close to your work or home?)
  • Price (is it within your budget?)
  • Parking facilities/public transport access
  • Hours of operation (are the stylists available at hours that suit you, e.g. after work and on the weekends? Also make sure they’re not booked months in advance)

Next, narrow your search down to about three salons and pop in to have a chat. Discuss the stylists’ qualifications, experience and clientele, and have a look around to gauge if the salon has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Check out the level of cleanliness and hygiene, as well as the kinds of cuts they’re working on or the types of facials or treatments they offer. It’s also important to take a look at their equipment and the brand of products they use — if you’re after organic hairdyes, for example, then you’ll need to ensure they can provide these.

Choosing a hairdresser or beauty therapist is a very personal decision, so ensure that you’re on the same page as your chosen professional and ensure that they’re prepared to listen to your needs and wants. If you believe they could offer you what you’re after, it may be time to take the next step!

Go for a trial

But if you’re scared of long-term commitment with a salon, simply make an appointment and pop in for a trial run to see how you feel after the experience. If the stylists are friendly, attending and communicate well, then you might be on to a winner!

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