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10 Australian home decor blogs you should be following

For those who don’t have a designer’s bone in their body, this blog list is for you. Clean, crisp and cutting-edge modern decor isn’t all that difficult to achieve when you know the right home and living bloggers to follow. As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so check out these creative bloggers for some copycat ideas.

1. Decorum — Your Decorating Forum

Beaded chandelier
Image: Decorum — Your Decorating Forum

Sydney-based Jennifer French is an interior decorator and colour consultant who uses her blog as an outlet for everything dear to her — renovations, art, interior decorating, design, inspiration — it’s all there. She works with many different clients who have various style preferences, making it more difficult to make decisions about her own home. The one thing she absolutely has to have in her own home is colour. Here she shares some great ideas about decorating with beaded chandeliers.

2. The Design Files

Australian homes
Image: The Design Files

Melbourne set dresser and stylist Lucy Feagins started this blog in early 2008, and it quickly evolved to the daily design ideas site it is today. The Design Files has been featured in various publications, including Real Living MagazineDesign Quarterly and Inside Out Magazine. From Australian architecture to interiors and art, The Design Files covers it all — and then some. Lucy’s snapshots of real Australian homes will give you some unbelievable ideas for your own humble abode.

3. Get in My Home

Preparing home for summer
Image: Get in My Home

Cute, cute and more cute — that’s what Emily Osmond’s blog Get in My Home is all about. Emily confesses that she is obsessed with homewares and began the blog back in 2012 to share her inspirations for decorating “smart, beautiful” rooms with the world. Just as importantly, Emily focuses on small businesses in many of her posts, with unique products and knickknacks sourced from local Australian designers. Emily’s simply chic style packaged up in no-nonsense tutorials is enough to make you swoon.

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4. House by the Water

Installing flooring
Image: House by the Water

Here’s a warning: After reading a few posts, you might fall in love with the House by the Water family and want to move right in. Compared to other home and living blogs, House by the Water is unique in that it chronicles Johanne and her family’s experience turning a blank block into a newly built and fully furnished house. For anyone who’s ever thought about or has struggled through the process of building a new home from start to finish, you’re sure to identify with Johanne’s candid posts. Watching the house come together piece-by-piece will make you feel like you’re rooting for the home team.

5. Interiors Addict

White tile bathroom
Image: Interiors Addict

Interior design can be addicting — we know this much is true. That’s exactly why Jen Bishop, a former magazine editor and journalist, started up her fun and funky blog, Interiors Addict, which features a strong cast of design-savvy writers with different tastes. There, you’ll find a whole slew of topics related to home and living, including expert tips, interviews, homewares, kitchen and bathroom ideas, style guides and even inspiration for kids’ rooms. Jen’s blog tagline says it all: Interiors Addict is “style without the snobbery.”

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