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DIY: Record clock

This is the ideal homeware DIY project for the music lover who has just about everything. All you need is an old record, a cheap wall clock and some glue.

Record clock

Turn an old scratched record into a truly unique gift idea or a special item for your living room with just a bit of creativity and a few extra bits and pieces.

First, you’ll need to track down the perfect piece of vinyl for the gift recipient. Are they a massive Beatles fan? Or more into Credence Clearwater Revival? Perhaps they prefer more contemporary artists like Arcade Fire or Bloc Party? Whatever their particular favourites, pop along to your local weekend markets, a record fair or your closest record store to see if you can pick up a bargain for damaged goods. You can also try your luck in an op shop or a second-hand store. If you can’t find the artist you’re looking for, you can always go purely on looks and pick a record with a great, colourful centre label.

Next, you’ll need to grab an old wall clock so you can take it apart and use the ticking hands in your new clock. Look for one that will be the right size for your record; that is, aim for long clock hands that will almost reach the edges of the vinyl. Choose one with or without numbers, depending on your personal preference.


  • Record
  • Cheap/old wall clock
  • Superglue
  • Blu-Tak
  • Batteries


  1. Grab your redundant clock and pull the hands and connected battery holder away from the rest of the object. Throw the face of the clock away or set it aside for a future craft project.
  2. Push the battery holder component of the old clock through the hole in the record from the front, or push the clock hands through the back, depending on the size and shape of the items you’re working with. The end result should be the two clock hands sticking out above the front of the record clock, and the battery holder protruding through the back. Superglue the two pieces together or use Blu-Tak to secure.
  3. Insert the required batteries into the battery holder and adjust the time.
  4. You can decorate your vinyl clock in any way you like. If the old clock you used for the hands has numbers, you can glue these to the front of your new vinyl clock. Alternatively, paint them on with white-out, a fluorescent marker, a metallic pen or simply leave the record bare.

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