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Five ways to keep your guests happy

Playing the host can be as stressful as it is exciting. When you have extra people staying in your home, it’s imperative you stay organised to ensure you don’t tread on each other’s toes! Here are five very simple, yet effective tips to ensure everyone enjoys the experience.

Guest bedroom

The bedroom

A comfortable bed is a sure-fire way to keep your guests happy. A fresh pillow and clean linen is very important for hygiene, but also shows guests you’ve anticipated and prepared for their arrival. Also ensure the temperature is accounted for. If the nights are chilly, put an extra blanket on the end of the bed in case it is needed. If a hot and stuffy night is expected, ensure they have ventilation and a fan.

The bathroom

The small things can make a big difference. Making sure you have toiletries available can really make a guest feel at home. By providing shampoo, conditioner, soap and moisturiser, you are showing your guests you’ve thought of every detail. Make sure there are clean towels available and show your guests where to get clean towels and where to put the dirty ones.

The kitchen

You don’t need to make your guests aware of every nook and cranny, but it’s always nice to show where the tea and coffee supplies are and where to find a snack if it’s needed. If there’s a particular appliance that’s a bit tricky to operate, show them how to use it. It’s up to you how much freedom your guests have in your kitchen, but even showing your guests the basics should make their experience a happy one.

Play the tourist

It may have been some time before you’ve played the tourist in your local area, so why not pop out and get some brochures or reading material on local attractions? You could also give them the low-down on the best places to get coffee, eat-out, and local parks in your area. Providing your guests with a map (if you’re unable to take them around yourself) is a great idea. Put yourself in their shoes and then think about what you would want to know.

The final touches

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. As soon as your guests arrive, greet them with a drink and then give them a tour of the house to orientate them straight away. Reading lights with magazines or books next to the bed for entertainment will make all the difference. A vase of fresh flowers in the house will also add a lovely touch to their arrival. Not only do they look lovely but the scent will also freshen up your home. If you have children, why not ask them to make a “welcome” sign to greet them. They will be very touched at the effort.

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