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Spruce up your laundry room

Give your uninspiring laundry room a fast facelift with inexpensive improvements and a slick of fresh colour!

Woman doing laundry

If you’re regularly doing laundry, why do it in a crowded and uninspiring room? The laundry room gets little attention when it comes to home decorating, and yet making it an inviting and organised space can make laundry chores a lot more pleasant. Invest a little time, a few dollars and a weekend to spruce it up!

Clean and colourful

Begin by clearing out the clutter for a fresh start. Paint is the most inexpensive way to improve the look and mood of a room. Many laundry rooms are relatively small. If this is the case in your home, pick a lighter colour to brighten things up. Light colours help rooms visually expand and can alter the mood from gloomy to welcoming. A sunny light lemon is a cheery and safe choice. Don’t forget to paint the trim — a fresh coat in glossy white adds the finishing touch to your paint project.


Space challenged? In a small laundry room you may have to go up to create adequate storage space. Don’t be afraid to use the vertical wall space available! A tall and narrow shelving unit, a behind-the-door organiser or rows of simple wall shelves are all appropriate. If there’s adequate space, think about purchasing an inexpensive kitchen cabinet unit for roomy and hidden storage. Have a length of laminate cut at the home improvement store to top it for a convenient work surface. Another great buy is a wall-mounted ironing board — just fold it down when needed, and tuck it flat against the wall when it’s not in use.

There are plenty of great space-saving gadgets for laundry rooms: wall-mount drying racks and hanger caddies that don’t eat up floor space, handy bins to organise your cleaning supplies, cute compact canvas laundry bags so every member of the family can sort whites and separates — and with a reminder, deliver them to the laundry room for wash day!

If counter folding space is at a premium, purchase a compact cart with a flat-surface top. Tuck detergents, fabric softeners, bleach and other laundry room necessities into the storage section and roll the cart out when you’re ready to fold fresh laundry. These inexpensive units are available in various sizes so pick one that stores away out of the main traffic area when not in use.


Add some personality to the room with art and accessories. An antique washing board mounted as art, some pretty postcards in simple wooden frames, a family message board or a row of small green plants in ceramic pots lined up on a sunny windowsill are the details that make the room feel more like part of your home.

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