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Beauty tips for brides: Countdown to the “I dos

Early preparation means less stress and glowing beauty for the bride-to-be on her biggest day!

Bridal beauty

Brides who don’t plan ahead end up overloading on beauty and grooming routines just days ahead of their wedding, and can end up stressed and overwhelmed on the big day. The self-care rituals for looking your best should ideally begin several months prior to the wedding, or at least a month ahead of time. Early planning means you’ll be relaxed, glowing and picture-perfect when you say your “I dos.”


The natural glow of happiness is becoming to every bride, but you’ll help it along with treatments to ensure perfect skin for the big day. Facials are an excellent tool to get beautiful skin, but don’t schedule yours closer than two weeks out from the wedding day. A series of monthly facials three months to two weeks prior to the wedding is the smartest strategy to reduce the risk of redness or irritation. Stress can bring on the dreaded wedding day pimple, but don’t panic! If a whitehead shows up, a hot compress will reduce it — follow the hot treatment with a cold compress and a tiny dab of benzyl peroxide to zap bacteria. Paste-style tootpaste also works to shrink a pimple and a tiny amount will dry it out fast. For other red or irritated skin issues, use cool cotton pads soaked in milk or chamomile tea, rinsed off with warm water.

Groom your eyebrows a week ahead of time to avoid any swelling and irritation shaping them might cause. Consider hiring a makeup pro who can help you look flawless and naturally lovely for the wedding photos. Do a trial run ahead of time, even if you don’t hire a professional and are doing your own makeup. Don’t stray too far from your real self! Go for makeup that enhances but doesn’t mask the real you!


If your style is simple, don’t fall prey to a look that makes you uncomfortable in the name of wedding glamour. Most brides have their hair professionally styled for their wedding day, but be sure to do a trial run with your stylist several weeks before the ceremony. Bring your headpiece with you and take a digital picture to check the look. It’s sometimes surprising to see how different you look in a photograph, and you’ll want to be sure the headpiece and hairstyle are working well for you. Get your colour and cut several weeks ahead of time so there’s no last-minute trauma if something doesn’t turn out the way you anticipated.

Plan ahead for services like a bikini wax and teeth whitening. These are services best done professionally and well ahead of the wedding day. With some smart scheduling, you can be your most beautiful self as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day.

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