How to cosy up your bedroom

Cosy up your bedroom space with warm touches that banish the chill as the seasons change.

Cozy bedroom

Contemporary and minimalist design can look very clean and modern, but may seem bare and chilly when the temperatures start to cool. Adding some accessories to your bedroom can cosy it up. With a small amount of time and money, you can warm up your private space to make it cosy and relaxing when the seasons change.

Warm colours

Colours affect how you feel in a space and warmer tones and darker colours bring some warmth to previously cool rooms. You don’t necessarily have to paint to achieve a warmer look in a room if you choose the right accessories. Warm coloured accents like cushions, vases and picture frames will make a difference. Add some lush drapes or window treatments even if you don’t have drafty windows. Bare windows can be cold and uninviting, so the addition of curtains, draperies or swags in a rich material add instant warmth. Wherever you can, add some texture. Soften hard edges with some living greenery. Plants and flowers make a room more homey, and depending on your space you might bring in one larger plant to soften a bare corner or a row of smaller potted plants marching across the top of a cabinet.

Warm floors

Rugs visually pull a room together and add a bit of toasty luxury underfoot on chilly mornings. Even in very contemporary rooms, the addition of a luxe shag rug warms up the space without distracting from the overall room design. An area rug helps define the space and makes it more inviting. You can even layer a thin rug on top of existing carpet for an extra level of cosy.

Warm glow

Small lamps with low-watt bulbs create a subdued and warm glow in the room. Place lamps at various levels… on a nightstand, a dresser or in a reading nook to bring a perimeter of cosy warmth all around the room.

Add a comfy chair or padded chaise lounge for deep comfort and a place to curl up under a soft and snuggly fleece throw with a book, a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine. Oversized knit blankets to wrap up in and plump knit pillows up the cosy quotient and invite relaxation as well.

Wrap the room in textiles that you’d enjoy curling up with… flannel, fleece or something soft and fuzzy like synthetic fur. Throw blankets and wraps, pillows and cushions made out of inviting fabrics warm the space right away. With a few simple additions, you’ll create a bedroom where it’s comforting to start and end your busy days away from whatever chilly elements are outside.

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