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Most popular plastic surgery procedures in Australia

Don’t know the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive, blepharoplasty and Botox? Keep reading to find out what’s involved in some of the country’s most popular plastic surgery procedures.

Plastic surgery - facelift

Cosmetic surgery is carried out on healthy patients to improve their physical appearance and confidence, but isn’t usually covered by health insurance because it’s an elective procedure. Reconstructive plastic surgery, on the other hand, is used to improve function and appearance in cases such as defects and abnormalities. Medicare and health insurance plans usually cover reconstructive surgery procedures in Australia, but of course this varies depending on your specific procedure and plan. There are a number of risks associated with plastic surgery and it’s essential that patients always take the utmost care to choose a fully qualified professional to carry out their procedures.

So what procedures are available? Keep reading for a rundown of some of the most popular plastic surgery options.


Most of us are very familiar with the effects that gravity and stress can have on our face — wrinkles, fat deposits and folds of skin are all very common as we clock up the years. While some may choose to bear these changes, others opt for a little help through cosmetic surgery. A facelift can help to improve the visible signs of ageing and can be performed on its own or alongside other procedures such as eyelid surgery or an eyebrow lift. Fat may be trimmed, skin pulled back and underlying muscles tightened, and the swelling and discolouration usually stays for several weeks.

Eyelid surgery

Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery removes excess fat, skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids to correct drooping lids and puffy under-eye bags. It can be performed on its own or in conjunction with other procedures such as eyebrow lifts or a facelift. Your stitches should be removed a few days after surgery, with swelling and discolouration easing over the following days.

Breast augmentation

Augmentation mammoplasty basically adjusts the size and shape of a woman’s breasts and can be used to increase breast size, balance out a difference in breast size or boost breast volume after pregnancy. Patients can choose from either silicon gel or saline implants. As with any plastic surgery procedure, there are a number of risks associated with breast augmentation, such as infection and loss of nipple sensation. Ensure you discuss all of the possible risks with your doctor before making your final decision.


The abdomen is the most common area to be treated with liposuction. Subcutaneous or “superficial” fat, which is located just below the skin, can be treated with liposuction procedures. Fat deposits are broken up and unwanted fat is removed from the area to create a slimmer appearance.

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