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Winter paint hues

Take inspiration from nature and paint your home in the moody tones of winter. Think greys, white and blue.

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Painting in winter?

Now that the heat of summer has subsided, winter is a great time to get around to doing all of those jobs around the home that you may have been putting off for months.

Number one on the list? Painting! Just ensure that the rooms still have good air circulation so the paint can dry and so you don’t get overwhelmed by the fumes. Yes, we’re sorry, that may mean leaving a few windows open.

Choosing your colour palette

Choosing the perfect paint colours for your home can be a tricky job. Do you want to go with subtle tones and soft lighting, or are high-impact brights and colour blocking more your thing? You’ll need to not only consider the individual room you’re painting, but also your existing furniture. Colours for a child’s playroom will be very different to your living room, for example. Certain colours in your furniture may clash or provide inspiration for wall colours. If your couch has a pattern in the upholstery, you could select one or two colours that are used minimally in the design and make them a feature on the walls. Also think about whether you want to paint all walls the same colour, have a single feature wall or even try half-half walls with a horizontal divider.

Also think about what kind of mood you want to create in the room. Neutral tones will help lighten a room and create the illusion of space, while darker hues can make a room feel cosy, and bright colours can spark a sense of fun.

Do your research by flicking through home and interior magazines, as well as online blogs and sites like

Another great source of beautiful colours is right outside your window. That’s right, look to nature for a bit of colour inspiration. The different palettes of the seasons are a great way to see which colours work well and complement each other. And now, as winter approaches, it’s a great time to consider the clean, neutral hues of winter. These will work well in most rooms and won’t clash with your furniture.

Greys: Take a close look at those cloudy skies and you’ll begin to recognise many different shades of grey, ranging from almost-black to almost-white tones. See which colours work well together and incorporate a few into your colour scheme. You can also lift a neutral palette with just a touch of colour.

White: Various tones of white and off-white reflect snow and ice and look great in every room. White is always a popular colour choice for walls as it really opens up a space and keeps it feeling light and bright. If you have little ones with super sticky hands, however, you might be better off going with a shade that will hide the dirt better.

Blues: Those cold, crisp days of winter when the sky is an incredibly striking blue could serve as a muse for your paint colours. More muted shades of blue are great in bedrooms and bathrooms, while a high-impact blue could make for a great feature wall in an entertaining area or kids’ room. Consider the full spectrum, from pastel blues to icy cool blues to blue-blacks.

Purples: Muted shades such as pastel purple or violet can conjure feelings of calm and serenity. These work well in a sitting room, reading nook or even a bathroom.

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