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Most budget-friendly spa treatments

Indulge in spa treatments that are kind to your budget.

Woman getting a facial

Looking pretty and feeling relaxed with some spa services is wonderful, but the cost of a full day and range of treatments can put a big hole in your pocket. Use smart strategies to save a little on the spa indulgences that you crave.

Flexible dates

Be flexible on dates and times. Many spas have more bookings on weekends and other certain dates throughout the year. A little flexibility on times and dates can frequently score you a discount. It’s worth asking to find out if there are any discounts available for booking treatments on less popular dates and times.

Budget worthy

Generally the most inexpensive procedures at spas are manicures, hair conditioning, haircuts and blowdries and a basic facial. You will be charged for the technician’s time and the products used for your procedure, so services that book out at an hour or less are normally the most budget-friendly. You can indulge in a manicure or deep-conditioning hair treatment in under an hour and at most spas walk out for under $50 including the tip.

Want to save more? Is there a beauty college or massage therapy school near you? These are fantastic places to try for significantly less-expensive beauty treatments. Just Google search to find an accredited school in your area and call to enquire about client services. Student clinics usually offer quality treatments by beginning practitioners at very affordable prices. The students are training for their future vocation and are very professional, often performing the requested service under the watchful eye of a supervisor.

Since the students are there to learn, clients are frequently asked to fill out a card at the end of the service rating their performance. Your good experience is often part of their grade. The price savings could mean that you can afford to splurge on a weekly massage instead of being limited to an occasional treat. Services from massages to facials to hair colour and cuts are available for a fraction of the price you would pay at a spa.

Makeup and skin care

Let the makeup and skincare counter at the department or beauty supply store work for you! Most of these places regularly give away free samples to entice you to use their products. You don’t have to make a purchase and it’s a great way to test and try new makeup and skincare items. Cosmetic counters offer complimentary skin care treatments and full makeovers with trendy new lines of cosmetics. Try them out for free, but don’t feel pressured into buying on the spot!

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