3 Spa treatments you didn’t know about

Spas worldwide offer a menu of unique treatments. Fun or just bizarre, here’s a look at some unusual spa offerings.

Green tea bath

Most women love the luxury and pampering they get from a day at the spa. Hair conditioning treatments, a perfect mani/pedi, the stress-release of a deep body massage and the cleanliness and rejuvenation from a professional facial are all special treats for the body and the spirit. Just how far would you go for youth and beauty? Spas around the world offer some unusual procedures — fun, unique and even bizarre!

Japanese baths

At the Yunessan Spa in Hakone, Japan, the spa services cater for families and a popular treatment is the spa bath with some extra flavour! You can relax and de-stress soaking in a pool of green tea — known as a drink with high antioxidant powers — or choose to bathe in red wine, saki or ramen noodles! The saki baths are said to be beneficial for the skin and the green tea is known to help boost the immune system.

With a similar thought in mind, a family brewery in the Czech Republic offers bath treatments where clients soak in a tub of dark beer thought to help boost circulation and detoxify the body. The Hershey’s Chocolate Spa in Hershey Pennsylvania brings their love of chocolate to their treatments, including the signature Whipped Cocoa Bath. The best advice for these unusual treatments is to remember to soak in, not sip, your bath!

Geisha facial

For hundreds of years, this has been the facial choice for the famed Geisha, and more recently it’s the top choice for celebrities including former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. For $180 to $200, you can have your facial skin brightened, tightened and exfoliated with the Geisha Facial, which uses sterilised nightingale excrement on your skin. The secret is the load of important enzymes for your skin this substance is supposed to contain. It’s a regular menu item at luxury spas in New York City and at the Diamond Hawaii Resort and Spa on the island of Maui.

Not afraid of unusual ingredients in your spa treatments? Hari’s Salon in London offers a special hair treatment referred to as “Viagra for your hair.” This is actually an Aberdeen Organic Bull Sperm treatment using the bull sperm combined with protein-rich katera root to help moisturise and repair dry and damaged hair.

Sitting pretty

Visit the Smooth Synergy Cosmedical Spa in New York City and you’ll be sitting pretty if you opt for their special Fanny Facial. Your bottom is exfoliated with a papaya-mint scrub, followed by microcurrent therapy to remove bumps and lumps on your rump and finishes with an organic spray tan.

If these treatments aren’t appealing, slap down $250 for a truly bling facial using gold particles to accelerate skin renewal, or have a cactus massage in Mexico for $245 to rehydrate your skin. In Tel Aviv the most unusual advertised spa treatment we found is intended to relieve tension. The Carnivorous Plant Farm lets six non-venomous snakes slither up and down your back to help you relax. Such a bargain at only $70!

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