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Hair extension how to: Picking the right colour for your hair

For a beautiful, natural look, match hair extensions to your own colour. Here are some tips for picking the right ones for you.

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Getting the right colour hair extensions is an important part of the process of achieving a beautifully natural look. Different companies and salons use different colour measurements on their extensions, so it can be confusing. Follow some tips and get the perfect tone when you buy your extensions.

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The part of the extension that will show under your own hair when it is attached is the important match. Identify your hair colour from the tip to the middle of the strand. The root portion of the hair tends to be a darker colour, and will be hidden once the extension has been secured. Blending your hair on the bottom part is the most critical for a natural, real-hair look. The new-growth hair at the root will not make for a good match and the hair will not integrate as seamlessly with your own natural hair colour.

If you are buying your extensions at a salon or outlet locally, you can colour-test by holding the extensions up to your hair in natural light to judge how close the match actually is. Many companies that sell extensions via the internet will send colour samples for a small fee. This can be a smart investment. Choose the colour that most closely mimics your own hair colour and make your decision after you’ve recieved the samples and done an “in person” test. It’s worth the extra time and the few additional dollars you will spend to find the right colour before you make the extension purchase. Other companies will ask for a sample of your natural colour to match. Just snip off a curl and send it in for a colour analysis. They will then select the best option for your new extensions.


If your extensions are slightly off colour, it isn’t a problem to dye Remy 100 per cent human hair to match your own. Synthetic hair will not dye properly, but good quality human hair extensions look, feel and perform exactly like your own hair. Dying the hair extensions to match your own is one way to guarantee a totally uniform colour. If the extensions are just slightly lighter, blending them throughout your hair when attaching and styling can give your hair some added dimension and will look like highlights. Curling all of the hair together allows the extensions to have a more natural appearance. Human hair extensions are higher in price than synthetics, but worth the additional cost when you consider that they have a more realistic appearance, can be coloured and cut just like your own natural hair and are not susceptible to damage from the high heat from blow dryers and styling appliances like extensions made from synthetic blends.

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