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Style don’ts

Clothes are all about expressing yourself and your unique personality, but that doesn’t mean that all style rules should be thrown out the window. Check out these major don’ts for fashion faux pas you should avoid.

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Not dressing for your body shape

Forget the latest fads and consider your body shape when you’re next at the shops. For example, rectangles should avoid shift dresses and apples should dodge midriffs. Find out more by reading our great how-to guide on dressing for your body type.

Drowning in shapeless clothes

Sack dresses and baggy pants may offer serious comfort, but keep them for couch-wear rather than out-wear. If you want to highlight and draw attention to your best features, choose clothes that play on them through elements like deep necklines or cinched-in waists. Shapeless clothing will make you look bigger than you are.

Wearing clothes that don’t fit

You may think you’re hiding behind that oversized T-shirt and those baggy track pants, but the truth is, you’re only making the situation worse! Aim to find well-fitting clothes that skim your figure, which will help to lengthen your frame and create a sleek silhouette. Baggy clothes simply draw attention to the parts you’re trying to cover up and add more bulk to your figure.

Similarly, clothes that are too tight or too small won’t be doing you any style favours either. While some figure-hugging dresses can look great, fabric that clings to the body or rides up will probably just leave you feeling uncomfortable and adjusting your clothes all night. Bursting seams will never be in fashion…

Becoming a victim of the extreme tan

You could have the most gorgeous gown at the ball but if your tan lines are more chaotic than a roadmap of Hanoi, you won’t be pulling off the classy, elegant look you were dreaming of. You’ve heard a million times before how important it is to keep your skin out of the harsh Australian sun — but if you still can’t help yourself, at least avoid those nasty halter-neck bikini tan lines by pulling the straps down. If you’re a fan of the fake tan, always test the shade before a big event and do your best to match the colour as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Bright orange is not a good look!

Not dressing for your age

Ok ok, so it might be easier said than done, but accepting the years and growing old gracefully will give you (and your kids) far greater piece of mind than hanging on to your youth with age-inappropriate clothing. Body glitter and hotpants over the age of 20? No!

Buying badly fitting underwear

As the reinforcement for your outfit, a set of well-fitting, quality lingerie is just as important as the foundations are for your house. Get the groundwork wrong and the final look will suffer. A lot can change over the years, but many of us stick by our old faithfuls and assume (or at least hope) we’re the same size, no matter how many children we’ve had or extra kilos we’ve gained. Pop into your local lingerie store for a professional fitting to make sure you’re wearing the right size for you. You’ll feel so much more comfortable and your back and shoulders will love the extra support.

Wearing your underwear as outerwear is another big fashion no-no… Visible lingerie in the form of obvious underwear lines, G-strings and bra straps will only cheapen your look. Invest in a strapless bra or one with detachable straps.

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