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Expensive makeup that’s worth the price

Some makeup costs more but is kind to your skin or lasts a long time. Look for quality and value before you splurge!

Woman applying foundation

It’s easy to get confused about makeup since there are so many products that seem to be similar. If you listen to advertising claims, you’re tempted to believe that expensive means “better” and you might end up spending twice as much on a product that works half as well as the drugstore brand! That being said, there are some products that cost more but pay off big because their formulas benefit your skin or their quality is markedly superior to other brands. If you get better value with a higher priced product, it’s not a splurge — it’s a save!


For women who wear foundation every day, quality is important. If foundation is part of your regular makeup routine, spending a bit more on it makes sense. Laura Mercier and Makeup Forever are two of the best on the market and can be purchased online or at Sephora. Both give natural-looking coverage that evens out skin appearance and the range of shades suits every skin tone. A foundation that can make flawed skin look flawless, that doesn’t sink into fine lines and that makes you glow is worth trying! Other excellent, but expensive foundations: Chantecaille Future Skin, Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation and La Mer.


You can find inexpensive blush at the drugstore that will add a glow to your skin, but the very best blush we’ve seen is Nars Orgasm. This blush is a perfect rosy pink that flatters everyone and lives up to the rave reviews it consistently gets. Similarly priced, and also a great choice: Benefit’s Coralista.


It seems odd that eyeliners have such a wide range in price. A mid-priced eyeliner, MAC Fluidline has a nice gel formula that lets it glide on easily. If getting your eyeliner on straight and close to your lashline is a challenge, this product is worth the price. It’s available at most makeup counters and online.

Facial cleanser

The Philosophy line is getting a lot of buzz lately, and their cleverly named products are very good. Their cleanser is called Purity, and it really does get your face clean while easily dispensing makeup without leaving any residue or a feeling of tightness. This creamy, foaming cleanser costs around $25 for a bottle that will last through about two months of twice-daily use. Also nice, but pricey, is their moisturiser – When Hope Is Not Enough. A little goes a long way, so the big jar will stretch for six months. It’s a light, water-based formula that the skin drinks right in and there’s no oily feel.

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