Windy day hairstyles

The chilly temperatures and howling winds of autumn might not be great for your skin, but you can at least have fantastic-looking hair thanks to these windy day hairstyles. Add a coat of hairspray and you’re good to go — rain, hail or shine.

Wind-blown hair

Your best option on a windy day is to secure your strands as much as possible and simply give in to that tousled, “windswept” look — there’s not much you can do about the weather! Those with long hair have it easiest! Throw your hair into a ponytail, plait or an up-do and fasten with bobby pins and hairbands. Those with shorter hair will have to call on a little help from styling products like gel and hairspray, and distract from the flyaways with cute accessories like headbands and embellished hair pins.

Pretty twists for short hair

  1. Grab a bunch of bobby pins and work a small amount of styling product through your strands.
  2. Take hold of a tiny section of your hair, curling it with your fingers so it forms a loose twist and secure it to your head with a bobby pin (in the same shade as your hair).
  3. Work through all of your hair so that all pieces are twisted up into loose, pretty curls.
  4. Tuck a few embellished hair pins into the twists to finish off.

The high bun for medium to long hair

  1. Pull your hair into a high ponytail on the top of your head and tie with a hair elastic. The higher, the better! Make the ponytail as tight or as loose as you like and pull a few wispy pieces out to hang down — this will make the style look more natural when it gets pummelled by the wind later!
  2. To add a bit of volume to the bun, spray some texturiser into your ponytail and tease the lengths.
  3. Wrap your hair around the base of your ponytail (where the elastic is) to form a bun and secure it with bobby pins. (The windier it is outside, the more bobby pins you’ll need!)
  4. Spray with hairspray to keep in place.
  5. You can also pop a headband in front of your bun to help keep your hair out of your face on super windy days.

Plaited, basic chignon for medium to long hair

  1. Part your hair down the middle of your head and pull all your hair to the left side of your head.
  2. Tie an elastic low down at the back of your head, so it forms a low side ponytail.
  3. Divide the ponytail into three sections and make a standard plait, then wrap the plait around the base where the elastic is to form a bun-like style. Depending on how long your hair is, secure with a bunch of bobby pins or another elastic and ribbon if needed.
  4. Pull a few tiny strands out to create a more casual look and pin a few back loosely onto your head with bobby pins.

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