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Seasonal summer plants

Summer’s great for your soul and even better for the garden. If you’re thinking of sprucing up the flowerbeds and veggie patch, take a look at what’s in season right now. Here’s to a bloomin’ good summer!

Summer flowers

While of course the summer temperatures differ across this great big sun-burned country, the warmer months are generally good news for gardens. Plenty of sunshine and a few summer storms put your plants in good stead and will see you picking beautiful fresh flowers for the table and veggies for the pot.

The flowerbed

Coneflower — Summer Sky

The name says it all! While there are a bunch of different varieties of coneflower (also check out the Tiki Torch), the Summer Sky blooms in gorgeous pinks and oranges that will have you dreaming of lazy summer sunsets.


When the purple bunches start blooming on these trees, it’s time to start getting excited about summer — and time for uni students to start stressing out about end-of-year exams! These aren’t so bad in the months that follow either, with their uniquely shaped, trumpet- or bell-like flowers dropping from the branches to form an incredibly bright carpet beneath.


The poinciana is another great tree that thrives in the summer months, particularly in hotter regions like Brisbane. The branches bloom with bright red flowers, creating a colourful halo at the top of this umbrella-shaped tree.


If you want some colour in the garden come summer, impatiens is the way to go. The annual varieties bloom each summer and are available in many different colours.


And what would summer be without our beloved hibiscus? This hardy shrub produces some great tropical flowers, perfect for picking straight from the garden and tucking behind your ear.

The veggie patch


Tomatoes love the hotter summer months — and BBQ dishes love tomatoes! If you’re lucky enough to have a few tomato plants in the backyard, your table (and taste-testers) will be benefitting right now. If you were a bit late on the uptake this year, get in early next year and plant a few stakes and Roma or cherry tomato seedlings before the weather heats up.


Both chilli and capsicum/pepper plants come to life in summer — just in time to really fire things up in the kitchen. They’re also the perfect additions to summer salads or as condiments on the BBQ table.


Beans will burst to life in summer and add some deliciously fresh crunch to your salad. Try planting a few climber bean seedlings at the base of trellises in preparation for the hotter months and reap the rewards come summer.


This great range of summer veggies are all ideal for salad season — and cucumbers are no exception. Chuck a few in the backyard and watch them grow. They need full sun and regular watering.

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