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Makeup tricks to make your eyes pop

Want your eyes to stand out this summer? We rustled through the beauty bag to bring you these foolproof tricks to get eyes that pop, no matter what colour.

Make your eyes pop

First, prime your lids with a base to help your eye makeup last longer. You can also add a few dabs of concealer under the eyes if you’re suffering from under-eye bags.

For eyeliner, choose between a pencil or liquid/gel. Pencils make application a breeze, as it’s easier to remove, but liquid liner is longer-lasting and creates a more dramatic effect — which looks great if you’re heading out for the night and want your eyes to pop.

Choose a powder or cream eye shadow. If applying powder, dampen the brush slightly to make the colour a little bolder for a dramatic effect. Choose three shades of shadow from the same colour family — a light, medium and dark. Sweep the lighter shade across your entire lid and up to your brow bone, then apply the medium shade to the lid only, and the darker shade along your lash line with a narrow brush. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try dabbing the light shade on the inner corner of your eye for extra wow factor.

You can use a curling wand on your lashes at this point if you wish. Next comes mascara. Sounds easy enough, but there are so many products out there, sometimes it’s difficult just making a decision and getting out of the store! Thickening mascaras have tightly packed bristles, which create a denser, or thicker look. There’s the risk of your lashes clumping together with this product, so have a lash separator handy to fix the problem after application. Lengthening mascaras aim to make your lashes look longer, while still looking natural. The bristles aren’t as tightly packed together as the thickening mascara, so your lashes won’t look as dense. Waterproof formulas are of course handy if you’re heading to the beach or pool, or if you know you’re in for a teary day.

Brown eyes

Many different colours suit brown eyes, but to make them really pop, try applying a blue, turquoise or green eye shadow. (Just steer clear of those bright ’80s shades!) Applying a thin line of white eyeliner to the inner lash line also helps bring out your eyes, particularly if you’re feeling and looking tired. If hesitant to commit to a full lid of colour, even just teaming a green or navy eyeliner with black mascara will look fantastic. While dark shades can help you to create a smokey effect, lighter shades help them to stand out. Brown-eyed babes can also get away with pinks, lavender, golds and burnt orange.

Blue eyes

Just like brown eyes, blue eyes look fantastic with blue eye shadow and pop when teamed will darker shades. Warm hues, like browns and bronzes, will contrast with the colour of your eyes and make them really stand out. Try spreading a lighter shade up to your brow bone, then lining the eyes with dark brown and adding a few coats of black mascara. Lighter lip colours will help keep the focus on the eyes.

Green eyes

Warm pink and rose tones, or a fantastic purple, will make green eyes look even more dazzling. The contrast between the shadow and the green of your eyes is a standout look for night-time wear. All shades of brown, from neutral beige to chocolate, will also look great. Use an eyeliner in a brown or purple colour to complete the pop effect.

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