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Storage solutions for small spaces

We live in studio apartments, townhouses, villas, units and freestanding homes; yep, when it comes to property types, we’re definitely spoilt for choice. What most Aussies complain about, however, is storage space. No matter how much we’ve got, we always want more, so check out our top storage solutions for small spaces.

Small kitchen

Despite the GFC, property values have surged across the country in recent years, forcing many Australians to either continue renting, or downgrade their home ownership expectations.

For first home buyers in particular, dreams of a walk-in wardrobe, double door kitchen pantry and spacious living room may have to be put on hold, as we have to make do with what we can afford.

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you necessarily need to sacrifice style or functionality though.

These fabulous storage solutions for small spaces will help you make the most of every last nook and cranny in your home:

1An outdoor daybed

Whether you have a big backyard, a small balcony or a petite courtyard, a daybed could be just the thing you need to create some storage and provide extra seating. If you’re handy with wood and a hammer, you can knock together daybed in a few hours; you simply need to cut the wood to size, construct a rectangular “box” with a lid, and add cushions on top for comfort. Otherwise, a handyman could help out for a half-day’s fee. Inside the daybed, you can store all sorts of goodies such as garden tools, Christmas ornaments, dog/car cleaning goods and sports gear.


Hanging pots and pans

Kitchen island

If you’re looking for ways to maximise bench space in the kitchen, an island might be the best solution. Not only will it give you an extra place to slice onions and peel carrots, but a kitchen island also provides extra storage for those bowls, pots, pans and appliances that you couldn’t squeeze in anywhere else. They will look fabulous too!

3Hang pots and pans

It’s vital that your pots and pans are easy to access in the kitchen, but by their very nature, they’re usually stacked on top of each other in precarious towers. Rather than jamming your kitchen cupboards full to bursting, why not hang them from the ceiling in a row? They’ll look aesthetically pleasing when not in use, and your pots and pans will be easy to grab when you need them. It’s a total win-win storage solution!

4Furniture headboard

If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, this could be the perfect opportunity to add an attractive design feature and loads of storage! Place a freestanding armoire, wide bookshelf or cupboard behind your bed. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, pack the cupboard full of items that you want to hold on to, but that you won’t need access to very frequently: think old documents and trinkets, childhood memorabillia, photos and books. If you have been blessed with a large master bedroom, place the front side of the armoire facing away from the bed (ensure the back has been painted or finished nicely), so that you can access the cupboard doors behind the bed. This creates a distinctive headboard and a small dressing room behind your bed.

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