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Quick ways to update your bedroom for winter

Updating your bedroom for winter may be easier than you think. With just a little reshuffling, creativity and a few new purchases you can take your decor from summertime fun to winter comfort.

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1Get a new blanket

If you don’t want to go all out and buy a new doona, just throw a thinner blanket at the end of your bed to update your bedroom’s look. You can move a blanket from the living room or use one you’ve kept in storage during the warm-weather months. Bonus if it has an earth-toned or darker hue, which would be perfect for winter.

2Remake the bed

Instead of adding a blanket, fold down your doona if you usually keep it over the pillows, or vice versa. This small change will still have a big effect on your room’s look.

3Change up the pillows

Buy new pillow cases in a different shade, or if you don’t want to go all out, use pillow cases you have in storage or switch the cases with pillows in other rooms in the house.

4Use new lampshades

If you have a table or reading lamp in your room, simply change the shade instead of the lamp itself for a wintertime feel.

5Accent the curtains

Can’t bother with the cost and work of replacing your bedroom curtains? You can make them look new with some small accents, such as tying ribbons around the middle or at each end, which will also let in more light. You can add tassels, cover them with a new fabric or simply snip them shorter for a new length.

6Move in furniture from another room

If you’re also updating your living room while changing up the bedroom, consider which pieces you could swap in each. Maybe there’s a small table in your living room you could use as a bedside table in the bedroom? Rugs, lamps, plants and picture frames are other considerations.

7Make scents

It’s not all about the look — changing the smell of your bedroom can also make it feel like a new space. You can use candles or a special spray to apply to your bed linens to make them smell wonderful.

8Banish the laundry

Many of us leave laundry baskets or piles of clothes in the middle or corners of our bedrooms. Storing the dirty wash in a basket in the closet, or better yet, the actual laundry room, will instantly open up your bedroom and give it a new look.

9Plant flowers

They can be real ones or fake ones, but a bouquet of flowers in a pretty vase will update your bedroom and help fend off the wintertime blahs.

10Find a new theme

Is your room currently Asian-themed? Does it have flowers infused in the décor? Consider what you want your next look to be and see what you can quickly change around with a few tweaks. A quick trip to a home goods store or the bargain bin in other retail outlets can help you find small accessories and decorative items to use.

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