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Quick ways to update your kitchen for winter

Ever thought of switching up your kitchen seasonally? It can be as simple as switching around a few items or using certain colours. Try these easy ways to update your kitchen for winter.

Cozy red kitchen

1Update centrepieces and table settings

An easy way to update your kitchen for the winter is by replacing your tablescape with winter themes and colours. Try red, orange and brown hues to give a warm, autumnal feel. You can also switch things up by going from round table mats to square ones, or vice versa. Add centrepieces with faux leaves that have fall hues. You can also include candles in the mix. Roll out a new table runner in one of the above colours.

2Get a new rug

Another simple way to breathe a wintertime chill into your kitchen décor is by replacing the rug. Again, you can choose fall colours or dark blues or greys to give it a wintry feel.

3Rearrange appliances

Simple, yet effective, moving the blender from one counter corner to another or giving the toaster a new home are tricks for making your kitchen space look like new. You can also give these items a little polish to make them stand out and shine more. They’ll become decorative pieces in their own right.

4Put new magnets on the fridge

Do you still have your son’s school painting he made two years ago attached to your fridge door? Put it in a safe place and update the space with new drawings, pictures of family or magnets. You can also get a theme going here by using magnets of the same colour, size or shape. Scatter them or arrange them in order.

5Hang the pots and pans

If you store your cookware in cupboards above or below, why not try hanging them on the wall to give a old-fashioned country-time feel to your kitchen? You can install a pot rack yourself with a few screws (make sure it’s a piece of wall has wall supports or studs). The bonus with this update is that it frees up more space in your cabinets and also helps keep your pots and pans organized. It’ll be much easy to cook when you can just reach above for the proper cookware.

6Update the kitchen towels

Another easy trick to update your kitchen for winter is to replace the dishtowels with new ones. You can also rearrange them — if they’re hung on the oven handle, loop them through cabinet handles or the cabinet below the kitchen sink instead.

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