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Quick ways to update your living room for winter

As much as you want summer to stay, trying to keep it alive in your living room will just look odd come June 1. Add a cosy, updated wintertime feel to your main area with a few of these fast and easy tips.

Winter living room

1Update the furniture accessories

Don’t go out and buy a whole new couch, but do splurge on a few new throw pillows or slipcovers to swap out for your current ones. Switch from a light summer colour to a darker hue with a heavily- textured material. Cable-knit cushion covers are a good choice because they invite you to curl up. You can also update the couch by laying a blanket over the seating so that it oozes cosy warmth.

2Get on the floor

Don’t neglect your floor when updating your living room for winter. You can stack some large pillows on the floor for an inviting wintertime seat for kids or guests. If you have hardwood floors, purchase a new throw rugs or two to get an instant new look.

3Buy new vases

This is an item you can easily scout out at thrift shops or markets, whether it’s for real flowers or fake. If your theme in the summer was soft pastel, try darker vase designs and colours.

4Rearrange small pieces

Don’t break your back lugging the couch into the family room. You can update your living room look by simply moving around a few lamps or plants. Also try moving around throw rugs and pillows, mirrors and picture frames.

5Revamp the mantle

If you have a mantle, rearranging the items atop it is another easy way to update your living room for winter. Make room for new candles, picture frames, greeting cards, figurines or other decorative items.

6Make it smell nice

Candles or air fresheners with warm-weather scents can instantly update your living room for the winter. Think cinnamon, vanilla or cloves.

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