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8 Modern decorating ideas

Does your home look like something out of the 1970s? Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s charmingly antiquated. You need an update, STAT! Here are some modern decorating ideas to upgrade your abode.

Modern living room

1Give electronics a proper place

One of the key components of modern design is making better style sense of electronics. Sometimes, this means the pieces are kept out of the way or that they take up as little space as possible, as with a flat panel TV. Some decorating schemes also incorporate electronics into the actual design, so they serve both form and function. Rarely do you see all the home’s devices in one place. Play around with the arrangement in your home to see which devices look best in which room.

2Keep it open

You may not be able to physically make your home bigger, but you can give the illusion of more space by decluttering and using certain colours and lighting arrangements. For instance, modern design often involves light-hued window treatments to let in light. Expand with carpeting that is solid or neutral-coloured or that has horizontal stripes. You can also incorporate furniture that stores, such as beds with drawers underneath or a living room table that doubles as a chest.

3Use geometry

Your school maths may help you out when updating your home with a modern décor. Straight, square chairs and tables can work, but you can also opt for more cost-effective ideas such as square picture frames of the same size positioned symmetrically on your walls and square rugs. You can do the same with round furniture and rugs and wall adornments — the key is to pick one shape and stick with it.

4Pick the right accessories

Another easy trick for modern decorating is using small accessories that highlight instead of detract from the space. Colourful or patterned throw pillows and rugs over hardwood floors can be easy, vibrant additions. Well-positioned mirrors can add adornment while also creating the illusion of more space.

5Use one key colour

What’s black and white and red all over? Your living room, if you want to give it a modern design. Neutral palettes are the hallmark of modern design, but they also often incorporate one bold colour.

5See the light

Lighting is one of the simplest, yet most effective, ways to decorate your home in a modern fashion. Simply removing old light bulbs and installing brighter ones can breathe new life into any room. You can also update light fixtures.

7Get real or fake plants

Plants can be another simple modern decorating idea. You can put a big plant in the corner or a smaller one on a hallway or entranceway table as that space’s decorative item. If you struggle keeping things alive, get “real-looking” fake plants or make a bouquet of dried flowers. Another option is making the vases, not the flowers themselves, the focal point by choosing bold, shiny colours and elegant or modern designs.

8Set the mood with candles

Big candles in beautiful holders or slim ones in simple holders can add more aesthetic appeal to your home. You can also choose candles of the same colour and shape of varying heights to create an interesting look.

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