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5 modern bathroom fixtures

Increasingly in new builds, the smallest room in the house is one of the biggest, both in terms of physical space and potential selling value. In that sense, a modren, stylish and gleaming bathroom can make or break a house selling deal. Alternatively, it can be, in a busy family life, the only space where you get to have me” time.

With bathroom decor, it’s all in the detail, Your aim is to create a mood that suits you, but is versatile enough to make anyone who must “spend a penny” feel clean and comfotable. Be bold. If your purchase a house with a hideous bathroom, rip the lot and and start at the bottom. Here are the five top trends in bathroom fixtures.

1)Top showers and baths

Now we are more into multi function mode for baths, and separate showers all together. For the higher spend range of the market, we are talking not bathrooms but wet rooms, which are like communal gym showers in your own home, without the two minute time limit. Big sellers for big baths include whirlpool effects, particularly for corner baths. Showers, when separate, must have huge, powerful jet multi stream effects. They look fanstastic but only when sparkling clean. Train up the family to wipe down after usage.

2) Raised sinks

This seems like an an oxymoron. Surely a sink should sink, but the trend for having a gleaming white porcelin or steel basin standing above a stylish wooden or chrome or granite stand is ever increasing. They are everywhere: posh restaurants, bars, gyms, and brand new luxury flats.

3) Vertical chrome radiators

These are a sleek addition to any sized bathroom. The require professional installation but provide lots of heat in a short time and double as towel warmer. They look particularly striking against granite tiles or plain white tiles. If you live with young children, do make sure they know the rungs do get hot.

4) Glass, steel , chrome, granite and marble

It’s tempting to think we are nicking our own bathroom details from luxury hotels, which use these materials as staples for showers, tiles, sinks, taps, shelves, the lot. The most important thing about all these materials is that you must maintain them with the right cleaning materials. Grubby and soapy and streaky means you are doing a big disservice to these expensive and shiny materials.

5) Duel flush option cisterns

The loo should have duel flush options, one more high powered than the other for ecological purposes. . This is often dependent on water pressure and the efficiency of your plumbing system. That is, you might think a lower powered flush will wash away the effluent, but if you have to wait for the cistern to fill again to get rid of it, you are not really economizing on water.

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