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How-to create more space in your home: 5 Simple ideas

Homes are like purses — the bigger they get, the more you want to cram in them! The most obvious solution to get more space quickly is to throw away a lot of stuff, but other ways exist for turning your over-cluttered casa into an admirably organized abode. Here are 5 simple ideas to help create more space in your home.

small room decor1Go vertical

Vertical patterns themselves create the optical illusion of more space. Consider the space above your head to make more room. Storage space and shelving on the wall and tall furniture will all give you more floor space. Things to consider placing higher up on the wall: books, picture frames and a spice rack.

2Get a wall bed

An innovative option is the hidden bed, which basically can double as a desk by day and pull out to provide sleeping space at night, says The Inside Project web site. Some even fold into shelved entertainment units or workspaces, effectively giving you two or three rooms in one. That’s magic!

3Hide the paper

One of the top ways to clutter your house is by letting papers pile up. Dymanic Business recommends keeping all horizontal surfaces clear. Other tips include investing in a good filing system and deciding immediately if you need to toss or tuck away a piece of mail or other paperwork.

A quick fix: cram magazines, documents and other paper goods in a deep wicker basket to keep it contained, recommends NineMSN.

4Paint Light

Light colour schemes on furniture and walls also creates the look of more space, according to Renovation Planning. Off-whites, pale blues and greens and yellows can all gift a softer and roomier feel to an area by reflecting light and boost brightness. Avoid patterns with dark colours if using wallpaper.

Letting in more light or adding more lamps to low-light areas or using higher wattage bulbs can make walls seem further apart, says My Caroma.

5Use Mirrors

Small spaces, particularly bathrooms, grow with mirrors. Installing a mirror opposite an outside window can grab incoming light, reflecting it back in the room to create the look of largeness. Here, consider how you’re trying to expand your space: if seeking to widen, place full-length horizontal mirrors, and use vertical mirrors for a heightened appearance.

Other tips:

  • Use room dividers to turn one space into two or three.
  • Get convertible furniture in the form of desks and laptop tables.
  • Select furniture with storage space, such as hutches, coffee tables with drawers and beds with places to pile clothes.
  • Keep corners clear. Having too much going on there is a sure way to shrink space.
  • If you leave it in the open, make sure you can clearly see it. This rule prevents you from letting things pile up to the point where you don’t know what’s there. Anything displayed shouldn’t be hiding other objects or paperwork.

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