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How-to stay cool this summer without air conditioning

Summer has arrived! It’s time to head outdoors to enjoy the sun — but at the same time, you don’t want to have to peel your sticky, sweaty back off your couch, only to find you have moisture patches the size of Tasmania under your armpits. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks on how you can stay cool this summer, even if you don’t have air conditioning.

woman fanning herself in a hot room

Let the outside in

It may sound simple, but one way to keep the room cool is to open your doors and windows. Quite often, the temperature inside your house can be lowered by a couple of degrees, simply by letting air flow through! Be sure to open your front and back door if possible, so you can encourage a draft.

Close the curtains

Another trick that actually goes against our first tip, but can be just as effective, is to shut all of the blinds and curtains in your house and turn off all unwanted electrical items that may generate heat, such as lights, TVs and computers. For this to work, however, you must beat the heat by shutting out the sun’s rays early and keeping them closed all day — meaning you’ll be living in the dark!

Wear cool clothing

Cool, light clothing that is brightly coloured will help keep you cool, particularly if you’re outdoors on those hot summer days. Black fabric will soak up the rays and make you hotter than you already were, but be mindful of sweat patches: pick your colour wisely to avoid the dreaded pools of moisture appearing under your arms or on your back!

Food and beverages

Eat fresh and cool foods where possible, including fruits such as watermelon and oranges, and fresh summer salads. Don’t jump head first into a hefty pasta dish on a warm day — instead opt for lighter fare that doesn’t feel stodgy. Also, avoid cooking up a storm using the oven or hot plates as that will only make you feel hotter! Be sure to keep your liquids up, too, by drinking plenty of frosty beverages.

Get A Fan

If you’ve got ceiling fans, turn them on to high rotation when the heat is becoming unbearable. Alternatively, invest in a pedestal fan to get you through the humid, sticky nights. A nifty trick is to wet a facecloth and dampen different parts of your body and then lay down with the fan on high. The cooling effect is just like an air-conditioner, without the hefty price-tag!

Take a dip

Track down your local public swimming pool — Google maps is handy for that — and take a dip! Or, find a friend or relative with a pool and bribe them to let you have a swim; baked goods normally work a treat. You may want to brave the crowds and head for the beach if you live near the ocean, but make sure you slip, slop, slap!

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