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Pet-friendly holiday spots in Oz

Pet Holiday Parks

If you’re going to a place where you can’t take Fido, consider putting him up in a pet hotel.

Echo Park

Lara, VIC

Rates: $20.00 per day and $18.60 for second dog twin share

At this dog kennel and cattery, you can choose from short and long-term boarding, holiday packages or day care services. For dogs, there are detective, conservatory and patio suites, with large family pens for “sibling” pets and buddy play times for dogs that like to make friends. Cats can strut around fully secure multi-level walk-in suites ranging from the Pampered Pussy to extra-large garden suites. There is cosy bedding and toys and a sun patio. A vet is on call 24 hours a day.

Peregian Pet Resort

Peregian Beach,  QLD

Rates: $25.00   per day for one dog/$45.00 per day for two/$55.00 per day for three

Operated by a former dog handler and trainer, the Peregian has a grassy run for each group of five kennels, so social dogs can pal around with others of their size and temperament. There are over five acres of land for the dogs to be walked on each day, and dogs staying awhile get strolls on the beach. All dogs get a tick and flea rinse before heading into the kennels and receive shampoos before leaving. Doggy guests feast on chicken mince, wings and necks and Royal Canin Dry Food and can relax to continuous piped music. There’s also a geriatric wing for dogs over 10 years old or those with disabilities.

Pet Resort Boarding Kennels

Perth, WA

Rates: Small and medium-sized breeds $18/large Breeds $20

Located in Perth, these kennels feature individual sleeping quarters with run attached, plenty of affection and petting from staff, hammock-style beds, exercise yards and premium food. There are also additional offerings at the company’s other facilities that cost more than the day rate, such as clipping and general grooming and hydrobaths.

Tarraray Pet Retreat

Coffs Harbour – Bonville, NSW

Rates: $11 per day for cats and $13 per day for dogs

This place has it all — dog boarding, cat boarding, dog training, pet grooming and more. It offers doggie day care, five-star luxury dog suites, three-star dog suites, backpackers kennel runs and five-star luxury cat suites.

The company claims it’s capable of boarding all animals large and small. All kennels and cattery have fully reverse cycled air conditioning, cheerful atmospheres and automatic water drinkers. Dogs get exercise outside on grass several times a day and cats run around an indoor area. Cats are also in their own wing separate from the dogs.

Tarraray was the Winner of the Coffs Coast Small Business Awards 2005 — Best New Business Pet Industry Association of Australia Member.

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