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5 Secrets to glowing skin

Envious of the girl who always has shiny, gorgeous skin? You can have it, too by following some simple tips and lifestyle changes. Start by eating a good diet and going to bed earlier tonight. SheKnows shares five secret to shinny gorgeous skin.

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1Enough moisture

Dry skin isn’t glowing skin. You should always apply your moisturiser when your skin’s still wet to help lock in your body’s already-there moisture, says Reader’s Digest Australia. Gals with dry skin should opt for an oil-based moisturiser, while those with oily complexions do best with water-based lotion [there’s also special formulas for combo skin]. Common sense says to lather on the lotion all over, but pay special attention to the eye area, as that skin there is thinner and quicker to wrinkle.

2Proper nutrition

You may not realise it, but what you put into your body shows up on your face. If you’re diet is crap, your face will look it. Strive to eat at least five servings of fruit and veg each day in addition to eight glasses of water. Low-fat dairy products, whole wheat grains, fruits like berries and plums, good fats like salmon and walnuts and healthy oils are good choices.

Also, skip the caffeine and alcohol when you can, as it zaps nutrients and life from your skin. Replace your coffee with green tea, which carries anti-oxidant properties.

3More happiness than stress

Stress damages the outermost layer of skin, meaning it becomes more susceptible to things like rashes, breakouts and a slack appearance. Skin cells and lipids diminish, allowing more dirt and bacteria to get under the surface. If you’re prone to skin issues like dermatitis and eczema, stress can worsen their effects. You can also get frown lines, cold sores and dull and dry appearance from always being down in the dumps.

Brighten up your day — and your face — with some relaxation techniques to combat stress. Avoid the Internet or telly right before bed, take a bath to calm your nerves, call in sick to work or ask the hubby to help more around the house. Or go get a message, which has the double benefit of helping you chill out and boosting blood and lymph circulation and speeding the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin, recommends Reader’s Digest Australia.

4Enough shut-eye

Good for you if you got away with all those late nights in your 20s still looking fresh-faced at breakfast. As you age, your body and skin’s ability to bounce back from things like sleep deprivation dwindles, leaving you with dark under-eye circles and dull-looking skin. A good sleep is so necessary because it helps the body regenerate collagen and keratin. So hit the sack early tonight!

5The right skin care routine

Whether it’s the wrong cleanser or foundation using the wrong products on your face will do nothing for its brightness. Using hash soaps and masks and washing too often can do more harm than good, says Reader’s Digest Australia. All most people need to do for healthy, glowing skin is cleanse twice daily with a gentle, non-foaming face wash using your hands. Follow up with a vinegar-based toner and moisturizer after washing.

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Natural skincare idea

A safe and effective way to exfoliate your skin to reveal a youthful, glowing complexion is with a fruit enzyme peel.

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