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Spring accents that will make your home pop

Transforming your home into a more inviting space for spring can be as easy as apple pie — an apple-pie-scented candle, that is! From spring colours that will brighten your home to scents that will make your mouth water, discover some simple ways to refresh your space and revitalise your outlook, without breaking the bank. Read on to find ways to brighten your spring decor and make your home pop!

woman with vase of flowers

Consider colour

You don’t need to go through and update your entire colour scheme: instead, simply update the furniture you’ve already got with a few accent pieces in new spring hues. Adding just a hint of the latest and greatest seasonal colours will make your pieces look fashionable, for a fraction of the cost of a makeover.

Keep it simple

Go with simple, affordable options, such as updating your cushion covers, adding a few brightly-coloured scented candles, or throwing down a new rug. You can also introduce these shades in lampshades, tablescapes, picture frames, bath towels and bath accessories.

Spotlight on lighting

You may want to consider re-arranging the way you’ve set up your living room, particularly when it comes to lighting. Warmer weather usually means longer, hotter days, which means you may be spending more time outdoors — or, you may want to take advantage of all of the natural light that is pouring into your home.

If your existing lamps are parked in an area where you get plenty of natural light, move them. You may also want to inexpensively update them with bright new shades that feature a bit of fringe or a subtle pattern. This is also a great opportunity to make the change to energy-saving bulbs.

If you have a little more money to play with, stained-glass lamps and other specialty lamp designs don’t just add illumination, they transform light into art. Adding a stained-glass lamp to a neglected corner can literally make it glow, or you can place one of these beauties in front of a window for nuanced natural light, day and night.

Layer, layer and layer some more

Layering is a fast, simple, versatile and inexpensive way to add style to your space. Add an area rug to your existing wall-to-wall carpeting, to create a focal point or anchor a furniture grouping.

Alternatively, enhance an existing window treatment with a valance, or drape a bright, decorative throw rug across a chair or on the end of a bed. Layering is a fantastic way to adjust to warmer temps and add colour and style to your home, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Touch up the walls

You don’t have to paint an entire room to make your walls look brighter. Instead, consider touching up baseboards, staircases and feature walls in high-traffic areas that start to show wear fastest, to add a pop of colour and interest.

Also, use a little spack filler and touch-up paint to cover scratches and gouges: this is just the thing you need to quickly rehab and refresh your walls, and ensure a polished look for spring.

Splash spring scents

Using scented aerosol sprays to freshen up your space isn’t the only way to create inviting aromas in your home. They can smell a little artificial, so instead, burn a few scented pillar candles. Go with fresh spring scents, such as floral-inspired aromas and uplifting lemongrass and peppermint.

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Welcome back spring arrangements

Your garden is heading out of hibernation, so allow yourself to indulge in some fresh blooms inside the home! An artfully displayed vase of fresh flowers can last up to a week in your home and cost as little as a few dollars, courtesy of your neighborhood market.

Build a tabletop trio

If your tables and countertops are beginning to look boring, add dimension and height with a trio of related objects, such as candles, jars or framed photos. Be sure to play around with sizes and colours. These micro-decorating collections, especially in groups of three, add drama and interest and can instantly update the look of a room. Mix it up, but always have a unifying element, like a specific colour, shape or finish.

Last minute reminders

Making your home fresh and stylish for spring is easy when you have light, colour and aroma all working for you. Using these tricks, you can create an impressive transformation in an afternoon — without spending the equivalent of your monthly mortgage payment.

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