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Tips to make your home smell great

Make your house smell sweet all year round — after all, it is one of the very first things a visitor will notice. Make a great impression by following our tips and tricks to a scented living space.

woman petting cat on windowsill

1Clean it up

Always keep your house in a clean state; clear dirty clothing and towels, and avoid leaving used dishes in the sink. Use scented cleaners and leave windows open when possible to air out the interior.

2Freshen the carpet

Sprinkle carpet deodoriser on your carpets or rug before you vacuum. After cleaning you’ll be rewarded with a fresh scent throughout the home.

3Use dryer sheets

A clever way to make the most of your air-conditioning unit and clean out the house is to put dryer sheets over the air filters; this will spread the fresh scent of laundry through every room.

4Clean up after pets

Our furry little friends can be the cause of unsightly smells around the house. You may no longer notice it, but visitors sure will. Always make sure you bath pets frequently and clean cages or litter boxes regularly.

5Light a few candles

Scented candles are an inexpensive option for filtering a lovely scent through the house. Place a few in strategic locations when you’re expecting company — but remember to keep a close eye on them and keep lit candles out of reach of children.

6Use plug-in air fresheners

Air fresheners can be a clever addition, particularly those that plug into an electric socket and spray a scent at regular intervals. These are great for areas like the bathroom and the loungeroom.


That delicious smell of cookies baking in the oven is a delightful welcome for visitors. If you’re expecting guests, time your cooking so that a fresh cake, bread or dinner is ready just when they step through your door.

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